2016. 12. 19. Monday

2016. 12. 20. Tuesday

2016. 12. 21. Wednesday

2016. 12. 22. Thursday

2016. 12. 23. Friday

2016. 12. 24. Saturday

2016. 12. 25. Sunday

My 10-year-old Chloe made a canvas out of hardboard paper and wrapped with white fabric using a hot glue gun.  And painted with acrylic paint for me. This is the best gift I got on Christmas.



  1. I love this!!! SO sweet! I am so happy you had a wonderful holiday…Your blog and your photos are just BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Author

      Hi Michaelanne,
      I like your name! I don’t think I pronounce correct though 😉
      Your kind words made my day and I will be happy all day long! thanks, sweet friend!

      xx Minki

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