I made this apron for my sewing time. Because I always hurry picking off threads all over my clothes when my girl’s school pickup time.

Do you wear an apron when you cook? I think I wear most all the time unless I can’t find where I left it. 😉


I was lucky enough to receive the Simply Stitched with Applique by Yumiko Higuchi from Zakka Workshop.

This book is filled with variety hand embroidery motifs that you can combine with felt and plain cotton fabric. I would like to use felt on my sewing illustration next time.

Before I start stitching, I decided to make an apron because I knew I won’t be able to use it if I make a placemat like in the book.

So I picked my favortie design and started hand stitching on a 12” x 10” yarn dyed fabric. Then I turn it into a  big pocket.


It’s very easy and quick project that you can make many aprons in one day.

My Charming Pocket Apron tutorial is on WeAllSew, Bernina blog today.

Don’t forget to download the pattern and a chance to win a copy of Simply Stitched wih Applique from Zakka Workshop.


Happy sewing!




  1. Sometimes I wear one sometimes not. I LOVE aprons, though.

    1. Author

      Hi Ann,
      I have made quite many aprons but I wear one same one that my sister bought for me. 🙂

  2. Love aprons. Sometimes I wear one. Sometimes not.

  3. I never thought to wear one for sewing time, but I think I should. I will write it down on my to do list ✍ Thank you for the idea xx

    1. Author

      Hi AlisonAnn,
      You are so cute! I should wear this apron but keep saving for special occasion. I think it’s my bad habit. 🙂

  4. I love aprons and need to wear them always because I can make a big mess when I cook! what a great idea to wear while sewing. Love this apron and the sweet pop of aqua, just perfect! I have that book and it is really lovely.

    1. Author

      I am pretty sure that you must be an awesome cook! There’s so many dishes I want to learn! 🙂

  5. I am very impressed by this site and really going to share this site to my friends. Thanks for sharing….

    1. Author

      Hi Ana,
      Thank you for stopping by and kind thoughts!
      It made my day!!

  6. Really nice pattern.I Like sewing and have different apron.But i liked the design and material here very much.will definitely have this .

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    And I really love your beautiful apron ….

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  10. Love aprons. Sometimes I wear one. Sometimes not.

    Thank for sharing!

  11. I am very impressed by this site and really going to share this site to my friends. Thanks for sharing….

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