A trip to wonderland

A trip to wonderland


If I have a chance to travel, I want to go to local market first and eat as much street food as possible.

I stopped this little farm store and felt like I was somewhere in Europe or Mediterranean. I know it sounds silly. As I have only known Vons, Albertsons or Costco and a couple of farmers markets, this little store was a wonderland to me.

It was a brief getaway and I really enjoyed this colorful inspirations. 🙂




underwood-family-farms-4 underwood-family-farms-5 underwood-family-farms-6  underwood-family-farms-8 underwood-family-farms-9

I wanted to draw these olive jars and price tag for my next stamp set. 😉


“Isn’t it beautiful?” A lady works here held it for me.

It’s not a bouquet of flowers but she used a word “beautiful” and I really liked that.


And she said this Christmas ornament looking cauliflowers are her favorite.

I am pretty sure that she will live health long life.

underwood-family-farms-13 underwood-family-farms-14

I want to revisit this store and buy these baskets!


My little girl had a guava for the first time today. I had to ask how to eat this weird looking fruit; if I have to peel off or skin is edible.

Claire says guava is her favorite from now on. 🙂

Today was a good day! How’s yours?


Minki x


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