Another beautiful day to sew. I’d like to introduce you my hair accessories that I made for my three daughters. (It’s amazing that kids lose mommy made with love products so easily!)           This is twist version of YoYo.  Make yoyo and fill in battings and stitch all the way. I will introduce you step-by-step photo tutorial next time.   For this simple hair pin, I cut the batting and wrap with a fabric piece.   Instead of using hot glue gun, I hand sewed every detail. That way, you don’t need to worry about getting wet and pulling apart.Read More →

We are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle. -Marilyn Monroe-               *finished size is 8.5inch x 6inch, all seams are 1/4inches. Step1. Gather your fabric scraps and put batting under neath the fabrics.   Step2. With your sewing machine, sew all the fabrics together. Do it multiple times so fabric can stay together.   Step3.Write your favorite message with erasable  pen or Sharpie on the fabric.   Step4.Trace your messages with your sewing machine.   Step5. After finishing all the process, flip it over, close the opening by hand sewing. Decorate as your heart may desire.Read More →

    Making something unique and special is the best part of sewing. Especially when you can surprise someone on ordinary day. My hubby, Alex loved my little gift a lot when he came home from work last night. I guess I can shop more fabrics from now. haha I would like  to share the step by step tutorial with you today.     Step1. Search your favorite font on the web. I found Ondise Font and “drew” each letter.     source:     Step2. With your sewing machine, stitch each letter patiently.     Step3. As you see, I use regularRead More →

                                    Beautiful Sunday here! I finally finished my “CAMERA BAG” last night.  I made only the body long ago when I was so into drawing cameras with my sewing machine. (I still love camera image though)  An unfinished project was neglected and forgotten.  It was used as a handmade card storage. What a waste for the beautiful sewing illustration! I attached the zipper and shoulder strap. After the very satisfying job done, I slept like a baby. It was hard for me to wait until the morningRead More →

            Today we are invited to 8 years old girl’s birthday party. I wanted to give her something special, so instead of going to shopping,  I spent all morning sewing this bag. I had to search through piles of fabrics which are mostly plain linen, luckily  I found this kitty cat one that I bought at Joann long time ago. To secure the bottom part, I used my girl’s old jean. Claire is the perfect model today. (I promised her a bubble gum for doing this very important job. ) I hope the birthday girl will love my handmade bagRead More →

                                        It’s another beautiful day to sew! I hope you make lots and lots of cover buttons today. Thank you so much for stopping by. MinkiRead More →

        While my kids were enjoy swimming at the pool, I hand sewed the little fabric scraps that are leftovers from my former project. Then I added some color with bright floss. When I still didn’t know what to do, my next door elderly brought this glass cup from her garage clean up. Isn’t it wonderful when things just happen beautifully?  This is why I couldn’t wait to show you my new pincushion and tell you the story. I hope you have a sweet “happening” today too! Love always, MinkiRead More →

  It’s another beautiful Friday. Kids and hubby went where they belong to and I am enjoying this calm morning. Today I would like to share my upcycled jean bag idea. I made 4 crossbody bags for my 3 girls and myself. Other bags I made them before were forgotten but this jean bag has been loved still. (the amount of time and effort really doesn’t matter for the receivers. They only care “the look.” *wink*)     Step1. Cut your jean as the picture shown and decorate with colorful fabric stashes.   Step2.Iron fusible batting on the wrong side of the jean.   Step3.CutRead More →

Beautiful Thursday here. How are you there? I’d like to share my lunch bag tutorial today.     I made two lunch bags for my daughters when they were 1st grade and Kindergartner. It was hard to find right size lunch bag for 6 years old girl’s lunch box at the store. So I measured my girl’s lunch box and create the exact size lunch bag that I no longer worried about a pretty packed lunch ruined on the way to school.     *all seams are 0.25inch Step1. Measure your lunch box and decide the wide and the hight. Allow space for easy puttingRead More →

  Hello everyone! I’d like to share my craft room organizing tips today. I still keep looking for better way to organize and you may have better ideas. As I enjoy crafty blogger’s working spaces very much and often got inpired, I hope sharing my organization idea is inspiring too. FYI, I hardly keep my space neat and clean as the pictures. LOL.   I used kid’s toy tray as my sewing tray.                                                 Have a wonderful day today! MinkiRead More →

I am obsessed with my girls’ drawings.  As soon as they could hold a pencil and draw anything recognizable, I started to collect their “artwork”. Because kid’s drawing has unique color and can’t be repeated. Even my girl’s interests are changed now and I have to beg them to have their sketches. At the beginning,  I tried to embroidery their pictures by hand. (Now I use sewing machine.)  It took quite a time but I truly enjoyed the process. While I kept looking at a 6 years old girl’s drawing, I just fell in love with it’s pure beauty. I want to share that pricelessRead More →

Happy Friday!! I want to share my fabric basket idea today. These baskets measure 6 x 3inch and about 3inch tall. Pretty good size to store your handmade card, tag albums or washi tapes as I do. They I are very handy and cute to store anywhere.   all seams are 1/2inch except opening. Opening doesn’t have seam.     for inner fabric, allow about 1inch seam for opening.                       Fold inner fabric like bias and secure with pin.     I stitched by hand but sewing machine is ok.          Read More →

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