All of sudden ,I was feeling like making a card this morning. (breakfast dishes were still in the sink.) I grab a piece of watercolor paper and played watercolor paint. Guess how long it took to finish this card. If I didn’t take any pictures, I could have finished in 5 minutes. Even though I had to stop at each process and took a quick shot, 30minutes were more than enough. If you have a urgent occasion to drop a line, I think my watercolor card idea is helpful.     Step1. Get the big brush and mix blue watercolor with generous amount of water.Read More →

Are you a saver like me? I save almost every fabric scraps no matter how small they are. I also keep itty bitty scrapbook paper pieces. Washi tape, bakers twine, all kinds of ribbon and oh, don’t forget the buttons. I am in love with anything colorful and shinny. Therefore, organize is alway my number one mission. I will talk about craft room organization next time. I have so many sorting ideas yet hardly find time to keep on. Today’s tutorial is fabric envelop using Pellon fusible interfacing.     Step1. I used the regular card envelop as a template. Cut Pellon fusible interfacingRead More →

  Today I want to share my mini pin cushion tutorial with you. I spent almost three days to make these babies. Do I still have  them? Nah….they were sent to my blog friends. These tiny pin cushions are good to have and even better to share. I should make them again for myself and must not  give anybody this time! (I doubt it though *wink*)                            Read More →

        I am a scissors addict. As I care them a lot, if one gets dull or lose sharpness, it makes me unhappy (even mad!). As I care my scissors  so much, I decided to make a “house” to protect them. Whenever I open my “scissor drawer”, I say to myself, ‘it was the brilliant idea!’  If you are a crafter, you would totally agree with me.   Grab a piece of paper and wrap your scissors. Measure and make a template. This is crazy quilt, my quilter friend told me, and I think it is the perfect name toRead More →

  Today I want to share the story about this sewing illustration of mine.   My blog friend made me this bag last December. I cried when I unwrapped the package. I had no idea how much time it took to finish this picture. On the plain illustrated fabric, she cut all the little pieces of the liberty fabric to color them. She used heat bond to adhere and sew every edges. This was one of the best Christmas gift I ever got from a person I never met.     I couldn’t just sit and enjoy. I started to make my own version ofRead More →

    Sometimes, my husband Alex brings a box of doughnut when he happens to pass by our favorite doughnut shop. A sugar coated twist is my favorite and a chocolate covered confetti is my girls’ favorite. One day, that pink doughnut box looked pretty charming for my crafty eye. I cut the box 2″ x 4″ and started to sew with my fabric stashes.     On some tags, I stitched and sew a colorful button by hand and on the others, I doodle with white jelly pen. Stamped messages was the perfect combination.     I truly enjoy the process and was happyRead More →

For the last two and half years, I have made a mini book at the end of each month. Now I have almost 30 mini books that I decorated with pictures, kids’ drawings, tickets, cards etc. It’s a monthly story book of my family. I supposed to finish July book long ago, but I was kind of tired of doing the same work over and over. After taking a long break, I finally completed my mission and feel very relieved. Once you’ve done “the resolution”, it gives you more pride. Don’t you agree?     This stamp set is very special to me. About 2Read More →

Yesterday I and my three girls walked to the park. We have two beautiful parks close from our house. I am always grateful for that. Sometimes we pack PB&J sandwiches, a box of fruits and a bottle of water. And sometimes we just walk to the next grocery store and spend quite long time to select which ice cream to eat. For my 10, 8, 4 years daughters, choosing one ice cream seems the most difficult decision to make. On the way home I found a nice looking dandelion and showed my 4 years old Claire to pick. As she blow it, some seeds cameRead More →

      Today I want to show you how to draw California Poppy using Copic sketch markers.     Artist : Genine D. Zlatkis I was inspired by this illustration and decided to make a card.   California Poppies are simple flowers to draw compared to other flowers such as carnations or roses. I hope my card inspires you too.   Thank you for visiting me today. MinkiRead More →

Today I want to show you how to draw a takeout cup and a cheese cake slice. This simple tutorial is only for the people who are afraid of drawing. I have a fine art degree which I haven’t used since the graduation, by the way.   Put your drawing under the fabric and trace it with water erasable or heat erasable pen.   Cut out color fabric as the shape of cup sleeve, napkin, cake and a strawberry. Glue them on the background fabric.   With sewing machine, sew the out line just like you draw with a pencil.   With white thread,Read More →

School is just around the corner. I wanted to share my school supply pouch idea with you today. When my daughter Chloe was in first grade, she had a Japanese classmate, Ruby. Ruby seemed to has all the cutest things in her backpack.  Her grandma sent her a pretty pencil case, lunch bag, tiny tissue case with cute cartoon on and so on. As a mother, I was jealous that my Chloe has a boring store bought pencil case. That night I made this supply pouch and grinned with a triumphant smile next morning.                    Read More →

      Today I drew my 4 year daughter, Claire. She played with an umbrella in the backyard even though it was a bright sunny day. 1. on white linen, draw a picture with a heat erasable pen. 2.cut out color fabric pieces as a raincoat, boots, hair, flower petals and a bucket.   3.Using sewing machine,  sew all the way around to secure little fabric pieces to the background with white thread.   4.With dark color thread, sew the detail.   5.Mix acrylic paint and water and draw heart shape as rain drops.   All you need is a regular sewing machineRead More →

With the same stamp I used for my card yesterday, I wanted to create similar image on the fabric. I was not quite sure if I could be able to recreate on a white linen at the beginning, but I love the result.   On the back side, I was about to draw two birds kissing, but I followed my heart,  a cup of  tea. I think it goes good with the message, “with thoughts of you”.   Now I have a set of flower wreaths. Don’t you love to enjoy just looking at your creations after many hours of work? I think thatRead More →

    Stamp image on the center of watercolor paper.   With a red marker, draw a circle and add 5 flower petals.   With a yellow marker, draw a little small size of flowers and color the center of the red flowers.   With a baby blue marker, draw smaller flowers and color red on the center.   With a green marker, add leaves and color center of the yellow flower with a orange marker.   With a dark blue marker, add more leaves .   With a pink marker, add little pink flowers and dots. I add light blue dots too to balanceRead More →

  I always love to draw a camera.  A photo that I found on Pinterest inspired me this time.   This is the picture. I searched for the original pinner, unfortunately ”” doesn’t exist anymore.  However, I have to give them credit for my creation.           1.Draw a camera on linen using Frixion pen. (heat erasable pen)   I copied this image which my friend sent me from Korea. *Morning Glory is one of major paper design brands in Korea.   2.Cut out camera straps and glue them. It is just positioning for sewing. (I use Sewline but school glueRead More →

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