Happy Saturday! Today I want to share my up-cycle idea. It takes less than 30minutes to make this whimsical can flower vase and you will love it forever! How to make: 1.Clean and dry an empty can. (I recommend fruit cans) 2.Save the paper menu from your local restaurant and tear them a part. Roll it around the can and glue the edge. 3.Brush the surface roughly with white gesso or white acrylic paint. Let dry. 4.Roll any decorative strings around the can several time and tie the knot. 5.Enjoy yourself or surprise your friend!     When this “can vase” gets old andRead More →

This morning I wanted to try some different ways of sewing illustration, commonly called “free hand motion embroidery”. I was surfing the web and found out that  many amazing ladies(mostly in the U.K.) uses “darning foot” on their wonderful machine drawings. This picture is the result of all my effort after hours and hours of practices in my P.J. You would be surprised how terrible I was at first but practice makes everything perfect! after several attempts I improved in such a short amount of time. (All happened for about  3 hours!) When my 10 years old eldest daughter, Caylin saw my drawing, her commentRead More →

  Today I want to show you my scrunchies that I made  a long time ago. My three girls and I have long hair, so we are always looking for hair ties.   This jelly roll pack I found at JoAnn store, I couldn’t help grab them and add them to my shopping cart even though I am not a quilter. I had no idea what to do with these pretty cute but too narrow for fabric scraps. Then I came up with an idea!,it was  scrunchies! spent hours and hours to make them. It was so much  fun and such an easy craft  ideaRead More →

After spending several hours to make a card, I wasn’t happy with the result. Then I went outside for a cup of coffee. When I came back to my desk, I started to  work on a new project. which was this card. It took about 20minutes! Today’s lesson was that  sitting on a chair and squeezing an idea isn’t really helping.! a nice little break and a cup of coffee or tea can really help.   1.draw a sewing machine on paper and trace it on the fabric.   2.Cut out all the shapes and glue the fabric pieces on a card stock.   3.WithRead More →

I have a fake antique radio. It works O.K. but I am used to playing music on my  iphone rather than listening to the radio. The other day I was looking at my radio and all of sudden I got a card idea. I roughly sketched the radio on the canvas scraps and then traced it with my sewing machine. It turned out O.K. but wasn’t good enough. So I started googling radio clip art images. Playing with paper was as fun as playing with my sewing machine.     1.draw a radio shape on black cardstock. trace two yellow circles.   2. attach maskingRead More →

On this Father’s Day, for my  hard working hubby.   What you need: Hero Art clear stamp set. Fabric scrap, Quilt bedding, Black card stock, Gold embossing powder, Heat tool   Stamp on fabric and then trace the image with your sewing machine.       A brush and a toothpick is very handy to clear all the remain embossing powder.           Happy Father’s Day!!Read More →

                I remember the day my three girls were so excited of getting new pairs of shoes. Their shoes are not bright and shiny any more now but by the time the shoes are old my girls have grown so much. I’d always remember those little shoes.   I want to share my idea:   Use your smart phone as a light box.   1.Use your smart phone as a light box. This trick helps you tracing the image easy and no sweat. 2.Once you done tracing, cut out the picture. 3.Use your cut-out piece as a templet.Read More →

  It was one rainy Saturday morning. Chloe opened the front door and found lovely 3 mug rugs wrapped in a plastic bag. It was the first time someone handmade me something and left them on my front porch. That afternoon  I spent the rest of the day making this place mat to surprise her.                         These are Kristin’s quilts. I like her taste and appreciate her thoughtfulness very much.      Read More →

    I use to believe that the hair should be plain brown, gray or black. Then one day, I played with my red flower patterns and realized how they go along well with hair! Now I aggressively use almost any color  for hair. (Although I don’t have the courage to dye my hair red. My hair is plain black.)   I just roughly sketch on the paper and that helps me cut out the fabrics. I believe this is my talent.     My inspiration is always my three daughters. (Maybe that is why I am terrible drawing boys. )      Read More →

  I love old jeans especially my girls’ old jeans. It has all the stories that any imitations hardly look alike. The imitations I mean all the fake antiques made in China. They may look good in a distance but you immediately realize how cheap it is. Long story short, that is how I love all the aged things including my daughters worn jeans.       Step1. Place a hardboard on a jean leg and measure. Cut out the jean leg align 1inch each side.     Step2. Save labels, pockets, any cute  things. They could be unique embellishments for your journal.  Read More →

            Last night I stayed up late to finish this card. I have been sewing on paper many times before but I particularly like this version. Practice is always the answer.           Step1. Play with your watercolor and make your own background.   Step2. Cut out fabric scraps to make a girl image. If you are satisfied with your picture, glue the fabric on the paper.   Step3. Sew outline with your sewing machine.  Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Just cut the thread and try again. Good watercolor paper can hold several timesRead More →

As Father’s Day is coming, I want to share my gift idea with you.     This is the original picture when my Chloe was 5 years old. Lucky I saved her journal and sew with my sewing machine. This picture saved me on 2013 Valentine’s Day.     Everything is by sewing machine except her writing. To add more texture,  I hand stitched by hand.       Check more pictures on my Korean blog: Zeriano’s Sewing illust    Read More →

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