Easy Hexie Pillow

Easy Hexie Pillow

hex cushion_bernina

I have always wanted to have one of those pretty hexie pillows or colorful crochet blankets.

Sometimes you desperately want something but aren’t sure you can tackle the project.

Making my own hexagon pillows is like this for me. When I found this hexie cheater print,

sewing a pillow was the first thing that came to mind! I would like to share how I succeeded

in making my dream hexie pillow in one day. I hope you like it.


Check out the instructions with step photos here at WeAllSew blog from BERNINA.


fabric:  Hexagon print by Yuwa from WestWoodAcres fabric.

binding: Memoire A Paris by Lecien from Ministry of fabric

Fusible web(Steam-A-SEam) and Quilt batting: Warm Company

Thread: Aurifil 28wt, 80wt, 50wt. 


hex cusihon_bernina-11




hex cusihon_bernina-12




hex cusihon_bernina-13





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