A quilt? or a pillow? / Heartland collection

A quilt? or a pillow? / Heartland collection


“Want to play with Heartland collection?”

I got a very sweet email from Art Gallery Fabric. I had no idea what to do with these modern and stylish fabric but I said yes, anyway.



After countless cups of coffee and chocolate covered cookies, I came up with this mini quilt idea.

I wasn’t sure if I am going to the right direction since my work so far were mostly a generous amount of space for my signature sewing illustration. I hardly could squeeze in my drawing anywhere!

So I finished as it is and still doubt until……



My 10 year daughter Chloe was passing by and said,

“Can you make me two? I love it!!”



Then I looked again with a triumphant confidence,

“I love it too!!” 🙂


I used Heartland Collection by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabric.

Thank you for this fun chance, AGF!


xo Minki




  1. I love it too – the plain linen with the bold patterns is just right. Lovely simple blocks put together perfectly – no wonder your daughter wanted two! ;o)

    1. Author

      Hi, Ann,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. An encouragement teaches more than a hundred books!


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