2017. 10. 9. Monday A view from my mom’s balcony. She is making dried persimmons.   2017. 10. 10. Tuesday At Kristin’s house   2017. 10. 11. Wednesday She is so excited that she can finally “type” her homework and print it!   2017. 10. 12. Thursday   2017. 10. 13. Friday   2017. 10. 14. Saturday     2017. 10. 15. Sunday        Read More →

Hello friends, I made another knit pouch with my fabric collection Dear Diary. I don’t know how to knit but I love making knit pouches. haha. My Born to Knit Pouch pattern is up on SewingIllustration.com.             Have another beautiful new week! Minki xx  Read More →

Hello friends! Today I had a tea time with my friend down the street. Then I realized that I didn’t have any cute mats for my hot tea pot. Is it only me? I have made so many bags but there’re certain sizes I don’t have and after making countless number of mats – snack mats, tea mats, table mats… I still don’t have a kettle mat!! I grabbed one of my old drawings and made this Strawberry ┬ámat. I am going to invite my friend soon again. haha You can download my strawberry drawing on my patternshop SewingIllustration.com for free. ­čÖé I used myRead More →

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Hello friends! I am goting to host my Always Mini Sew Along through this month. You can purchase the pattern on my patternshop SewingIllustration.com for $1.99! And find my tutorial here. My mini quilt size is 16” x 16” but you are welcome to twist in any other form!     Enter your process & finished picture on Instagram with hashtag #alwaysminisal. One lucky winner will receive the below prizes from ┬áIncomparable buttons and Warm-Crochet. I will announce the winner on 30th. I hope to see your project!!   Thanks for joining and enjoy this beautiful season! Minki xx  Read More →

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