Hello friends, Today I share how to make this cute coin purse tutorial on my YouTube channel, MinkiKim. It’s such a quick and easy pouch that you can make small scraps of fabrics. I made so many and I am not tired of making them at all. I hope youContinue Reading

handmade with love by Pretty by hand handmade with love by Zakka Art handmade with love by Freshly Crocheted I am the most luck person in the world. Thank you for sharing your time with me. xoxo MinkiContinue Reading

  My girls eat cafeteria lunch however, they still need to pack their snack. Kids are always busy playing during recess, so heavy snacks remain half uneaten most of the time. I made this mini snack bag for my “eat less play more” daughter. The size is approx. 9 xContinue Reading