Often scrapbooking is considered an expensive hobby.  That’s what I had thought for long time.  There are so many scrapbooking supply designs out there to choose from, but unless you’re right there when they just put on the clearance price tag, you will likely end up spending a lot of money just to create a page in your scrapbook, depending on your preferences.  One day, I realized that I could easily create my own design without spending so much and it would be unique.  There are always things at home that I can re-use to give them “new life”.   DIY Scrapbook Design: Gather whatever brochures, flyers, oldRead More →

For the last two and half years, I have made a mini book at the end of each month. Now I have almost 30 mini books that I decorated with pictures, kids’ drawings, tickets, cards etc. It’s a monthly story book of my family. I supposed to finish July book long ago, but I was kind of tired of doing the same work over and over. After taking a long break, I finally completed my mission and feel very relieved. Once you’ve done “the resolution”, it gives you more pride. Don’t you agree?     This stamp set is very special to me. About 2Read More →