This wee mouse is going to be my Christmas gift  for my little girls. Shhhh….!   It is already the end of October, the most beautiful month hard to say good bye. Well, November is my wedding anniversary and December has Christmas. I think I will be O.K.   Thank you for visiting me, my friends, I haven’t met yet. Minki  Read More →

        I named “ornament” but these cute houses are perfect gift for any season. I thought felt itself doesn’t have charm except it’s hardness. I really love my idea,  “When felt meet fabric” Let’s make felt houses and be ready for this Christmas.   size: 7.5cm x 13cm (roof: 4.5cm x 5cm)             Thank you for stopping by and thoughtful comments. xoxo MinkiRead More →

    One day, I bumped into a person I knew at unexpected place. We were exchanging a boring conversations like, how my hubby’s work is, how my kids doing at school and what I do etc. Although I do so many things everyday (including sewing and blogging), my answer was “I am just staying home mother.” That simple answer seemed unfair. But you can’t explain all the details of your everyday life to a person not close. That night I came up with this mini album idea. I wanted to make a scrapbook of me and my life. Often one picture tells better thanRead More →

  Hello! Do you enjoy this beautiful fall? I used to live in “365 same look” near strawberry field and this is my second year in new town where has lots of tall trees(which really changes color!!) and parks. I didn’t know I love fall this much. I even hate when gardeners clean up all the leaves.  I try to get up early and create more things to fully enjoy autumn in my town. How about you? Are you well? Are you grateful everyday? I hope you so.     There are many clothespin deco ideas with similar ways. Wash tape, stamping, buttons……I can’tRead More →

  I love to make bookmarks as much as tea mats. They are easy to make and perfect to give someone special. Today, I’d like to introduce you many ways to create your own bookmarks. I hope my creation inspire you.           1. cut 2 pieces of linen  3inch x 6inch, iron fusible interfacing on one piece.   2.Write the message with pen and stitch using sewing machine or by hand.   3.If you have a message stamp, stamp it and trace the message. If not, just write a simple word and hand stitch.       4.Cut out flowerRead More →

Do you have a little artist like my Claire? She is 4 years old and her drawing amazes me. I have been saving all my three girls’ drawings and paintings since they grabbed a pencil. When I am run out of ideas, their art inspire me. Today, I want to share my kid’s art tea mat idea with you.     *finished size is 5inch x 5inch. 1.Cut 3 white linen, allow 0.5inch seams. Copy your kid’s drawing with erasable pen. (Use window. ^^) 2.By hand or sewing machine, stitch the drawing. 3.Put remain 2 pieces of linen on top of 2. 4.Sew all theRead More →

                      What is your favorite sewing kit? Do you have a sewing case or a bag you carry everywhere you go? I do. I grab my sewing basket and my needle book and ready to go on any busy day. I hope my needle book idea is inspiring to you. Thank you for visiting me again. Minki    Read More →

            Today I had a parent conference with a teacher in my girl’s classroom. To show my appreciation toward her teacher, I prepared a little gift, Starbucks coffee tumbler. I got a piece of scrapbook paper and teared muffin paper bag from Starbucks. So the person has clue what’s inside. My girl’s teacher told me, ” This is my first time I got a gift at a parents conference!” We both smiled brightly and were very happy.   I hope something wonderful happen to you today. Minki    Read More →

I am always jealous of people who has beautiful piles of fabrics.  It seems like fabric rules the everything in the sewing world. Don’t you agree with me? When I bump into someone’s sewing work, my first impression is ‘if I had the same fabrics……’. And one day, I told myself let’s not compare what I don’t have instead, I tried to pull all the possibility that I could do with what I have at the moment. I think that was the beginning of my sewing illustration. Today I want to share how to create illustrated fabric with plain white linen. I hope it’s helpful toRead More →

  I prefer key cases than key chain holders because  key chain often scratches other items in the bag. How about you? Are you a key chain lover? I have been using a red fake leather key case for a long time. It was pretty handy but I always wanted to have prettier one. I finally made my version of key case and I want to share with you today.               3.5inch x 4inch . 0.75inch x 4inch, 3.5inch x 4inch  *all seams are 0.25inch                          Read More →

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