Sewing Illustration Diary

Sewing Illustration Diary

2018. 1. 6. Saturday

2018. 1. 7. Sunday

2018. 1. 8. Monday

2018. 1. 9. Tuesday

2018. 1. 10. Wednesday

2018. 1. 11. Thursday




  1. Minki, these are all so beautiful and amazing. I love the words that are with each one, so meaningful and real. All the work you have put into each of these, just cutting out the fabrics, shows the love that is sew into each stitch.
    Have a wonderful week sweet lady!

  2. Such beautiful sentiments presented with your lovely stitching!

  3. Oh my gosh, these are the BEST! Do you have any classes that you teach online? Can we convince you do teach a Craftsy class perhaps??? pretty please with cherries on top!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to see a class on how to do this!!

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