I once made so many of this cute little string pouch but I don’t have anything left now. I feel like making some and should not give anybody this time. *wink*   Originally I designed for this feminine use. But I used more as my little girl’s snack bag. I used to bring a bag of ice and yogurt together inside of the bag  and was waiting for my girl at the school gate.   This little pouch is so cute and so many usage, I bet you would want to make more and more. I was like that. I made about 10 of them andRead More →

Beautiful Thursday here. How are you there? I’d like to share my lunch bag tutorial today.     I made two lunch bags for my daughters when they were 1st grade and Kindergartner. It was hard to find right size lunch bag for 6 years old girl’s lunch box at the store. So I measured my girl’s lunch box and create the exact size lunch bag that I no longer worried about a pretty packed lunch ruined on the way to school.     *all seams are 0.25inch Step1. Measure your lunch box and decide the wide and the hight. Allow space for easy puttingRead More →

Today I want to show you how to draw a takeout cup and a cheese cake slice. This simple tutorial is only for the people who are afraid of drawing. I have a fine art degree which I haven’t used since the graduation, by the way. 🙂   Put your drawing under the fabric and trace it with water erasable or heat erasable pen.   Cut out color fabric as the shape of cup sleeve, napkin, cake and a strawberry. Glue them on the background fabric.   With sewing machine, sew the out line just like you draw with a pencil.   With white thread,Read More →

  My girls eat cafeteria lunch however, they still need to pack their snack. Kids are always busy playing during recess, so heavy snacks remain half uneaten most of the time. I made this mini snack bag for my “eat less play more” daughter. The size is approx. 9 x 5 x 2 inch that can hold one apple and two homemade cookies(one for a friend to share) and that’s all. Not only because of the size, but because of the look, mommy’s handmade snack bag was a hit! 🙂 For the inside, I used some water resistant fabric, so cold yogurt or bottle ofRead More →