Hello, October! I’d like  to share my fabric envelope idea today. My kids often bring yellow paper bags for parents’ signature and return back to the teacher. I kept thinking about prettier bag that my girls could use for all year long and this is how I came up with a fabric envelope  bag.     First, I sketched a rough  design  how to decorate on a plain  fabric.   Then I drew with Sharpie marker on white linen. (you can use erasable pen for the safety.) I always love to mix a bit of colorful fabrics and a bit of the plain. That way IRead More →

      Today I drew my 4 year daughter, Claire. She played with an umbrella in the backyard even though it was a bright sunny day. 1. on white linen, draw a picture with a heat erasable pen. 2.cut out color fabric pieces as a raincoat, boots, hair, flower petals and a bucket.   3.Using sewing machine,  sew all the way around to secure little fabric pieces to the background with white thread.   4.With dark color thread, sew the detail.   5.Mix acrylic paint and water and draw heart shape as rain drops.   All you need is a regular sewing machineRead More →

With the same stamp I used for my card yesterday, I wanted to create similar image on the fabric. I was not quite sure if I could be able to recreate on a white linen at the beginning, but I love the result.   On the back side, I was about to draw two birds kissing, but I followed my heart,  a cup of  tea. I think it goes good with the message, “with thoughts of you”.   Now I have a set of flower wreaths. Don’t you love to enjoy just looking at your creations after many hours of work? I think thatRead More →

  I always love to draw a camera.  A photo that I found on Pinterest inspired me this time.   This is the picture. I searched for the original pinner, unfortunately ” oneandthesamenyc.com” doesn’t exist anymore.  However, I have to give them credit for my creation.           1.Draw a camera on linen using Frixion pen. (heat erasable pen)   I copied this image which my friend sent me from Korea. *Morning Glory is one of major paper design brands in Korea.   2.Cut out camera straps and glue them. It is just positioning for sewing. (I use Sewline but school glueRead More →

My first time trying the sewing illustration was to draw a house. It looked like my 4 year old Claire’s house drawing.  It was a simple little house with one window and a door but I was so thrilled at that moment. Then I tried a teacup and a teapot. After I got more skills, I was wondering why shouldn’t I write something with my sewing machine. First I wrote my girls name on linen scraps and made couple of name tags for their backpack. The picture you see is quite long sentences but I really enjoyed the process. I made 3 of “calligraphy bags” andRead More →

  I am a self-taught sewer. My very first project was placemats.  Then I made over hundreds of mug rugs with my sewing illustration on. I still enjoy making mug rugs because it is a simple project and easy to give. Giving is the beauty of being a crafter. 🙂 These days, I am into making pouches as you can tell.  I am almost running out of zippers although my mother and sister sent me very cute ones from Korea. Does anybody know where I can get pretty zippers with a reasonable price? (please email me to zeriano@naver.com  I will be thrilled if I hearRead More →

      What do you prepare when it’s your hubby’s birthday, Valentine’s day, Father’s day or Christmas? I’ve given my husband, Alex, a handmade journal , handmade doll(it looks like him) or handmade card for 10 years now. I am very grateful for him receiving the same old gift almost each year with pleasure. Isn’t he the best hubby a crafter wife can have?   I made this for his birthday couple of months before. The best part is, he really uses it. Whenever I look through his desk, I would find his journals and enjoy reading them. Don’t worry, he doesn’t writeRead More →

There are certain images you never get tired of. A type writer, canvas shoes, air balloons, rain boots and cameras…… I already drew quite of many images but still enjoy creating more. Today’s model is my 8year old daughter, Chloe. I promised her that she could have mommy’s pouch. Again, my card was the inspiration(read more about camera card) for today’s sewing project. 1.finished size: 7x4inch. If you don’t have Pellon fusible bedding, use iron-adhesive. I used regular quilting bedding. 2.cut out camera shape. don’t be afraid to draw a camera. they are just couple of rectangles and circles that my 8 year old canRead More →

I love to draw with my sewing machine and I named my work, Sewing Illustration. If you are a sewer, why don’t you try to draw simple design such as a yellow boat “with a sewing machine?!?!”It is not that difficult as it seems to be, actually it is kind of addictive.Once you try, you would find yourself enjoying this new way of machine embroidery art. That was how I started in the beginning and I want to keep doing this for rest of my life.   1.Cut the fabric in 2 pieces of a long rectangular shape. (I used 3x5inch size white linen)Read More →

This morning I wanted to try some different ways of sewing illustration, commonly called “free hand motion embroidery”. I was surfing the web and found out that  many amazing ladies(mostly in the U.K.) uses “darning foot” on their wonderful machine drawings. This picture is the result of all my effort after hours and hours of practices in my P.J. You would be surprised how terrible I was at first but practice makes everything perfect! after several attempts I improved in such a short amount of time. (All happened for about  3 hours!) When my 10 years old eldest daughter, Caylin saw my drawing, her commentRead More →

            Last night I stayed up late to finish this card. I have been sewing on paper many times before but I particularly like this version. Practice is always the answer.           Step1. Play with your watercolor and make your own background.   Step2. Cut out fabric scraps to make a girl image. If you are satisfied with your picture, glue the fabric on the paper.   Step3. Sew outline with your sewing machine.  Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Just cut the thread and try again. Good watercolor paper can hold several timesRead More →

    I was searching for life qoates  that I could use for my card making the other day. I found very good one I want to share with you. It says, “Keep smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you.” Don’t you agree? Just because of this line, I came up with camera idea and I love the result. The best part is you don’t need to buy any fancy supplies from craft store to make this card. Grab some brown paper bag piece and sew it together with your fabric scraps. Don’t worry about drawing a camera with your sewingRead More →