Hello, October! I’d like  to share my fabric envelope idea today. My kids often bring yellow paper bags for parents’ signature and return back to the teacher. I kept thinking about prettier bag that my girls could use for all year long and this is how I came up withContinue Reading

      Today I drew my 4 year daughter, Claire. She played with an umbrella in the backyard even though it was a bright sunny day. 🙂 1. on white linen, draw a picture with a heat erasable pen. 2.cut out color fabric pieces as a raincoat, boots, hair,Continue Reading

With the same stamp I used for my card yesterday, I wanted to create similar image on the fabric. I was not quite sure if I could be able to recreate on a white linen at the beginning, but I love the result.   On the back side, I wasContinue Reading

  I always love to draw a camera.  A photo that I found on Pinterest inspired me this time.   This is the picture. I searched for the original pinner, unfortunately ” oneandthesamenyc.com” doesn’t exist anymore.  However, I have to give them credit for my creation.        Continue Reading

My first time trying the sewing illustration was to draw a house. It looked like my 4 year old Claire’s house drawing.  It was a simple little house with one window and a door but I was so thrilled at that moment. Then I tried a teacup and a teapot.Continue Reading