Source: Lecien: Retro 30’s Child Smile   I made this needle book for my friend who always cheers me up and inspires me. I found myself trying my best and enjoyed every stitch. Making something for myself is soothing and adds another treasure to my handmade home. And spending my own time for someone special is finding myself with gratitude. I was truly greatful for what I can do and for having someone to share without any hesitation. I hope you have a Happy Father’s day and enjoy every minute of having a life time friend.                      Read More →

  Today I want to share my mini pin cushion tutorial with you. I spent almost three days to make these babies. Do I still have  them? Nah….they were sent to my blog friends. These tiny pin cushions are good to have and even better to share. I should make them again for myself and must not  give anybody this time! (I doubt it though *wink*)                            Read More →