It’s the last day of school. I made a wall pocket using Claire’s drawing for her teacher, Mrs.R. Claire drew little pictures for each pocket. We are glad that we can visit her in Room.3 any time and say hi.     Sevenberry  Fabric and Japanese yarndye fabric from Ministry of Fabric        Read More →

      My middle child Chloe’s birthday is coming and 5 years old Claire drew a picture for her sister last night. I was so excited to have this darling picture  and started to recreate right away. It took me one whole day but it was worth it!! This picture is going to be the family treasure that we will enjoy looking over and over I bet.      Read More →

I am obesessed with my girls’ drawing. Maybe because I don’t have any drawings of mine left when I was my girl’s age. My mom saved every awards, an apron I made and even a perfect attendance slip but not my writings or sketches. I often wonder if my drawing was as good as my girls or how it woul feel like compare to my kids’. So again, I traced my 4 years old Claire’s drawing and colored it with copic markers. I am very happy with the result and want to share with you today.     1.Let your kid draw on a qualityRead More →

It took me two whole days to embroider 4 years old Claire’s drawing on linen. I am sitting in the middle of  messy house with back and neck pain now. But it was worth it and I kind of regret that I didn’t start this work years before. I am sure the picture will be treasured  over the generation.     This is the original sketch Claire drew for me two days ago. Her explain is, mommy takes a picture of her and big sis got mad. And can you see a tiny person in the house? It’s my eldest Caylin doing her computer. Oh,Read More →