For the last two and half years, I have made a mini book at the end of each month. Now I have almost 30 mini books that I decorated with pictures, kids’ drawings, tickets, cards etc. It’s a monthly story book of my family. I supposed to finish July book long ago, but I was kind of tired of doing the same work over and over. After taking a long break, I finally completed my mission and feel very relieved. Once you’ve done “the resolution”, it gives you more pride. Don’t you agree?     This stamp set is very special to me. About 2Read More →

      What do you prepare when it’s your hubby’s birthday, Valentine’s day, Father’s day or Christmas? I’ve given my husband, Alex, a handmade journal , handmade doll(it looks like him) or handmade card for 10 years now. I am very grateful for him receiving the same old gift almost each year with pleasure. Isn’t he the best hubby a crafter wife can have?   I made this for his birthday couple of months before. The best part is, he really uses it. Whenever I look through his desk, I would find his journals and enjoy reading them. Don’t worry, he doesn’t writeRead More →