I received this beautiful book by Simone Gooding from Tuva Publishing weeks ago. This book was love at first sight before I even started reading! Little Traveller is full of amazing detailed projects. I mean it. And you would stop and pause on each page because all the little attention to detail is pleasing by looking at. I have to tell you though, if you are a first time doll maker, it would bet a little hard to follow the steps. Hand-drawn instructions are good for a experienced doll maker, like me But don’t be scared because everybody is a beginner at any newRead More →

          Wishing you a magical Christmas and Happy New Year!! Fabric used from Ministry of Fabrics. Faces: I used brown and white acrylic paint with fine brush tip. For the cheeks, I used pink pigment stamp ink. And Sharie fine pen for freckles.  Read More →

My old blog friend Savina sent me her handmade dolls from Korea for my three girls. As far as I know, she’s almost my mom’s age and she has been making dolls for many years for the kids in Africa. She doesn’t sell them nor get any material provides either. She spends her time and money for the people she hasn’t met and maybe never will. In her card she wrote her only wish is to see those kids grow up and still keep her dolls. And for that simple wish, she makes each doll very carefully and very firmly. I was so surprise whenRead More →

I spy Chloe and Claire’s doll play.             Their doll play end up feeding themselves nice afternoon snack. At the end of doll play, Chloe charged me $1.75 for two doll dresses that she made for her little sister and it’s even a sale price!  hm, I think I am going to charge my fabric from now on. *wink*       FYI, the doll I made for my girls were not like today.    Read More →

            Lecien, FlowerSugar fall collection Aurifil thread 50wt. Red yard & doll shoes: Michaels Eyes an nose: Acrylic paint Mouth: DMC embroidery floss 6 strands, (you need a doll needle for this) Cheeks: Copic marker R20Read More →

    How I enjoy watching my 4years old Claire play with mommy made doll!! I can’t stop making fabric dolls just because of that reason. I try to cherish every moment because they grow up too fast as my friend Kristin says.    Read More →