Hi, my friends! Today I want to introduce a coffee card that you can give anybody any day. You don’t need any special tool for this. With the step-by-step photos, you will see how easy and simple to make a every card. If you add a coffee coupon in the envelope, your friend would love you a whole lot more!           And my dear friend, Alice, Erin and Agnes! Thank you so much for vistting me and for leaving me kind words. I am so grateful for having you ladies. xoxo Minki        Read More →

        Last night I made a couple of simple thank you cards with my sewing machine. Whenever I run out of sewing ideas or need to refresh my head, I would play with fabric scraps from my previous work. For me, those pretty colors and patterns are always inspiring. How about you? What inspire you?       I cut out fabric pieces as a cup of coffee and then chose the paper that goes well with my fabric pieces. I added a paper doily at last to give more fun.   With my sewing machine, I sew the image with paperRead More →

  It’s that season again where we crafters get to show off and share our creations! I don’t know about you, but for me, every year I have so much hope for the perfect creation that I get paralyzed in my own thought process.  The added pressure is the time limitation factor and my biggest fear is that I would end up at a Hallmark store buying Christmas cards to send to friends.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with Hallmark cards, but for a crafter like myself, homemade cards are special and are gifts in themselves from my heart to myRead More →

    One day I called my friend for a cup of coffee and she said she was sick in bed. Instead of making chicken noodle soup (because I don’t know how to), I made a get-well card for her. That evening I walked to her door and hand my “paper soup” to her husband. My friend got better next day and I guess my soup made out of fabric scraps must had some cureing ingredient.       1.Draw a bowl on the paper.   2.Cut out the drawing and use as a templet. Trace on the fabric you chose as a bowl.Read More →

I save almost everything; fabric scraps, paper pieces, old magazines, old clothes……therefore organization is always no.1 on my to-do list. Yesterday I decided not to make anything (in other words, not to make any mess.) and start cleaning. As I wiped out my work station, I remembered these bottle stamp images I watercolored long ago. You can imagine me making this card, already forgetting about my earlier decision and make a mess again.   step1. Stamp bottle image on watercolor paper.   2.Watercolor  with a big brush using generous amount of water. Do not brush over and over. Once you color, that’s it. Don’t  tryRead More →

This is a very simple card to make that you could give to a teacher at the end of the school year. Just follow these four simple steps.       Step 1: Gather your supplies. Here is everything you need. The popsicle stick pencil could not be easier to make. Who would think to make a pencil out of a popsicle stick? Isn’t it a great idea?   Step 2. Write your message on white card stock. No need to even buy a stamp for your message. Just write it yourself and it will be uniquely yours. Step 3. Cut your popsicle stick intoRead More →