This is my favorite Sewing Illustration among many works in 2014. I expect to see more artful sewing and extend my skills in this new year. What is your resolution, my crafty fellow? Whatever it is it would come out fabulous, I have a strong feeling.  Happy New Year!!   Minki  Read More →

                                    Beautiful Sunday here! I finally finished my “CAMERA BAG” last night.  I made only the body long ago when I was so into drawing cameras with my sewing machine. (I still love camera image though)  An unfinished project was neglected and forgotten.  It was used as a handmade card storage. What a waste for the beautiful sewing illustration! I attached the zipper and shoulder strap. After the very satisfying job done, I slept like a baby. It was hard for me to wait until the morningRead More →

  I always love to draw a camera.  A photo that I found on Pinterest inspired me this time.   This is the picture. I searched for the original pinner, unfortunately ”” doesn’t exist anymore.  However, I have to give them credit for my creation.           1.Draw a camera on linen using Frixion pen. (heat erasable pen)   I copied this image which my friend sent me from Korea. *Morning Glory is one of major paper design brands in Korea.   2.Cut out camera straps and glue them. It is just positioning for sewing. (I use Sewline but school glueRead More →

I love to draw with my sewing machine and I named my work, Sewing Illustration. If you are a sewer, why don’t you try to draw simple design such as a yellow boat “with a sewing machine?!?!”It is not that difficult as it seems to be, actually it is kind of addictive.Once you try, you would find yourself enjoying this new way of machine embroidery art. That was how I started in the beginning and I want to keep doing this for rest of my life.   1.Cut the fabric in 2 pieces of a long rectangular shape. (I used 3x5inch size white linen)Read More →

After spending several hours to make a card, I wasn’t happy with the result. Then I went outside for a cup of coffee. When I came back to my desk, I started to  work on a new project. which was this card. It took about 20minutes! Today’s lesson was that  sitting on a chair and squeezing an idea isn’t really helping.! a nice little break and a cup of coffee or tea can really help.   1.draw a sewing machine on paper and trace it on the fabric.   2.Cut out all the shapes and glue the fabric pieces on a card stock.   3.WithRead More →