Today I want to show you how to draw California Poppy using Copic sketch markers.     Artist : Genine D. Zlatkis I was inspired by this illustration and decided to make a card.   California Poppies are simple flowers to draw compared to other flowers such as carnations or roses. I hope my card inspires you too.   Thank you for visiting me today. MinkiRead More →

                I remember the day my three girls were so excited of getting new pairs of shoes. Their shoes are not bright and shiny any more now but by the time the shoes are old my girls have grown so much. I’d always remember those little shoes.   I want to share my idea:   Use your smart phone as a light box.   1.Use your smart phone as a light box. This trick helps you tracing the image easy and no sweat. 2.Once you done tracing, cut out the picture. 3.Use your cut-out piece as a templet.Read More →

            Last night I stayed up late to finish this card. I have been sewing on paper many times before but I particularly like this version. Practice is always the answer.           Step1. Play with your watercolor and make your own background.   Step2. Cut out fabric scraps to make a girl image. If you are satisfied with your picture, glue the fabric on the paper.   Step3. Sew outline with your sewing machine.  Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Just cut the thread and try again. Good watercolor paper can hold several timesRead More →

It’s already second day of June. Summer has begun!  Time takes flight really. Today I was playing with my watercolor again and the result was not my plan. Actually I didn’t have any plan. This is the reason why I love watercolor lately. I hope you enjoy the process how I create this easy but fun summer card.   Step1. Stamp image on watercolor paper.   Step2. Paint inside of the bottle. Wet the paper with just water before you add any color. That way, paper observes the paint pretty.   Step3. Dry  it with dryer if you can’t wait until air dry.   Step4.CutRead More →

    I was searching for life qoates  that I could use for my card making the other day. I found very good one I want to share with you. It says, “Keep smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you.” Don’t you agree? Just because of this line, I came up with camera idea and I love the result. The best part is you don’t need to buy any fancy supplies from craft store to make this card. Grab some brown paper bag piece and sew it together with your fabric scraps. Don’t worry about drawing a camera with your sewingRead More →

This is a very simple card to make that you could give to a teacher at the end of the school year. Just follow these four simple steps.       Step 1: Gather your supplies. Here is everything you need. The popsicle stick pencil could not be easier to make. Who would think to make a pencil out of a popsicle stick? Isn’t it a great idea?   Step 2. Write your message on white card stock. No need to even buy a stamp for your message. Just write it yourself and it will be uniquely yours. Step 3. Cut your popsicle stick intoRead More →