Beautiful Sunday here! I finally finished my “CAMERA BAG” last night.  I made only the body long ago when I was so into drawing cameras with my sewing machine. (I still love camera image though)  An unfinished project was neglected and forgotten.  It was used as a handmade card storage. What a waste for the beautiful sewing illustration! I attached the zipper and shoulder strap. After the very satisfying job done, I slept like a baby. It was hard for me to wait until the morningRead More →

        Once I got my camera, I spent hours of hours on the computer to find perfect camera bag. When countless number of clicks and scrolls didn’t reword me with satisfying results, I decided to make my own pouch. This camera bag is exactly what I was looking for: light, simple, easy to take the camera out and put it back and most of all, this is not made in China.     *numbers are centimeter. This bas is designed for Canon EOS M. So if you have similar size camera this measurement would work. Other wise, you have adjust theRead More →