Beautiful Sunday here! I finally finished my “CAMERA BAG” last night.  I made only the body long ago when I was so into drawing cameras with my sewing machine. (I still love camera image though)  An unfinished project was neglected and forgotten.  It was used as a handmade card storage. What a waste for the beautiful sewing illustration! I attached the zipper and shoulder strap. After the very satisfying job done, I slept like a baby. It was hard for me to wait until the morningRead More →

  Today I want to share the story about this sewing illustration of mine.   My blog friend made me this bag last December. I cried when I unwrapped the package. I had no idea how much time it took to finish this picture. On the plain illustrated fabric, she cut all the little pieces of the liberty fabric to color them. She used heat bond to adhere and sew every edges. This was one of the best Christmas gift I ever got from a person I never met.     I couldn’t just sit and enjoy. I started to make my own version ofRead More →

School is just around the corner. I wanted to share my school supply pouch idea with you today. When my daughter Chloe was in first grade, she had a Japanese classmate, Ruby. Ruby seemed to has all the cutest things in her backpack.  Her grandma sent her a pretty pencil case, lunch bag, tiny tissue case with cute cartoon on and so on. As a mother, I was jealous that my Chloe has a boring store bought pencil case. That night I made this supply pouch and grinned with a triumphant smile next morning.                    Read More →

With the same stamp I used for my card yesterday, I wanted to create similar image on the fabric. I was not quite sure if I could be able to recreate on a white linen at the beginning, but I love the result.   On the back side, I was about to draw two birds kissing, but I followed my heart,  a cup of  tea. I think it goes good with the message, “with thoughts of you”.   Now I have a set of flower wreaths. Don’t you love to enjoy just looking at your creations after many hours of work? I think thatRead More →

My first time trying the sewing illustration was to draw a house. It looked like my 4 year old Claire’s house drawing.  It was a simple little house with one window and a door but I was so thrilled at that moment. Then I tried a teacup and a teapot. After I got more skills, I was wondering why shouldn’t I write something with my sewing machine. First I wrote my girls name on linen scraps and made couple of name tags for their backpack. The picture you see is quite long sentences but I really enjoyed the process. I made 3 of “calligraphy bags” andRead More →

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