Sewing Illustration on watercolor

Sewing Illustration on watercolor








Last night I stayed up late to finish this card. I have been sewing on paper many times before but I particularly like this version.

Practice is always the answer. 🙂







Step1. Play with your watercolor and make your own background.



Step2. Cut out fabric scraps to make a girl image. If you are satisfied with your picture, glue the fabric on the paper.



Step3. Sew outline with your sewing machine.  Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Just cut the thread and try again. Good watercolor paper can hold several times of re-stitch.



Step4. Stamp your message and enjoy your creation.


I am working on other series now. I have feeling that my sewing machine and watercolor will live happily ever after.





  1. Very cute. I love the watercolor background!

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