Oh my happy place, SEWING ROOM

Oh my happy place, SEWING ROOM


sewing room-14


Hi my friend!

Thank you for visiting my very silent blog 🙂 I would love to give you a tour to my sewing room today.

I am alway searching for new ideas and inspirations. But often just trying is not good enough. Then I start to wipe dust on my sewing machine, reorganize the messy pin cups or prepare lots of bobins.

You may agree with me that during this “unproductive” process, I come up with an idea or fresh energy for the next step.

If you are struggling with your project at the moment, I hope peeking my sewing room helps you to refresh your busy mind.


And I always appreciate your regular visit even though there’s no way you can leave a comment here,

I know you are there smiling at me. Because I am too.




p.s.my email is zeriano@naver.com , just in case.


sewing room


sewing room-2



sewing room-3



sewing room-4



sewing room-5



sewing room-6



sewing room-7



sewing room-8



sewing room-9



sewing room-10



sewing room-11



sewing room-12



sewing room-13



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