Happy Flower Quilts + giveaway

Happy Flower Quilts + giveaway

Happy Flower Quilts book reminded me of my very first trip to a local quilt shop in Korea almost 15 years ago.

I was in between of jobless that time and was looking for something to kill time. As I had always wondered what’s happening behind the showwindow of that cute quilt shop, I stepped in with my sister and that changed my life.

The shop was filled with all kinds of handmade beauties such as mini quilts, bear dolls, dolls, home shoes, quilts hats…and lots of cute fabrics. On the center, there was very long worktable and ladies of different ages were sitting around and busy hand sewing and even more busy chatting. One lady looked younger than me was pregnant and hand stitching baby stuff.

It was new world to me since I have never learn anything like that before and my only sewing knowledge was from high school. My sister and I sat and listened very carefully what the teacher(=shop owner) said. Not long later, we became the fast and the best students, seriously it’s true!  Because for many nights, we often stood up awake to finish the project the teacher gave us and showed our makes to the other ladies trying to not to show off our triumphant achieve. My first project was four-patch pincushion and then a small pouch, a heart quilted mini…sort of zakka projects was all we learn for two months. The funny thing was at the end, all of other ladies tried to follow me and my sister’s way, not the way teacher showed. It was only two month of the most fun break with my sister in my life.  I got the job and became a boring office worker later. Then my sister get married and started to live in Japan.

When I opened the Happy Flower Quilts book, all the instructions and patterns were just like what my teacher taught me!

I was very excited to recall my old memories and wondered if that quilt shop is still there, if my very first (and last) sewing teacher is still teaching people like me (and help change their lives!) I really wish I could revisit there once again.


I didn’t know anything about Atsuko Matsuyama and there was an original Japanese version in 2009 nor she is fabric designer of Lecien and Yuwa. Everything what I know now is just because of this blog hop so I feel very honored that I am in the team.

What I can tell you is that with this book, you can make what I made and don’t need to know any Japanese quilt background. 🙂


My first project from the book is Big Sister Tote with my own twist.

I used By Annie’s Soft and Stable batting and I love how it holds it’s shape.


As I wanted to create a durable bag, I had to think hard how to solve the handle problem.

My clever idea was to make the same look cherries using felts.


First I drew a pattern on the paper (I used a Quarter coin for two cherries) and traced on the felt. As I used to be a paper-crafter, I have stuff like this. I don’t know the name. I bought at Michaels.


This side is for mama and the other side is for my Claire bear. 🙂



I just love love my name engraved leather tag.  You can order yours here.


Cotton ribbon used is from Dailylike Canada


To add extra charm, I hand stitched every two inches using Aurifil 12 weight threads.


I wished to have a set of pink cherry handles but I love my green handles more now. 🙂


My second project is Strawberry Spring Mini Quilt.


I used Quilters Dream Cotton Select for the batting. Find the right batting for your project for they have variety of selections.


I used my own twist; sewing illustration method instead of hand applique.


I realized how hard to sew triangles by machine. I regret not to hand stitching but well, life is too short to worry about uneven corners.

I hope my mistakes help you make yours perfect!

Fabric used: Old New 30’s Collection 2017 from Lecien Fabrics. and Retro 30’s Collection 2016.

They will be available at Sunny day Supply.


Zakka Workshop are generously giving away a copy of Happy Flower Quilts by Atsuko Matsuyama, at each stop on the blog tour.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and tell me ‘what is your favorite sewing project that you never get tired of ‘.

The Giveaway is open Worldwide until the 17th February 2017 . The winner will be announced here on this post, so make sure you pop back and check. Good Luck!


*** The winner is CECILE!!  Big Congratulations!! ****

Thank you so much for joining, guys. I enjoyed reading your thoughts over and over.

I really appreciate for this sewing community and I will be back with more fun GIVEAWAY.

Until then, have a beautiful day!!



We hope you will follow along on the Blog Tour. Check out the stops below to see what these talented designers are making from Happy Flower Quilts.

Monday 1/23 Kristyne  @prettybyhand   www.prettybyhand.com
Wednesday 1/25 Lisa  @aspoonfulsugar   www.aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com
Friday 1/27 Sarah  @sarahedgarprettyfabrics   www.alittlehappyplace.blogspot.co.uk
Monday 1/30 Minki  @zeriano  www.minkikim.com
Wednesday 2/1 Heidi  @fabricmutt   www.fabricmutt.blogspot.com
Friday 2/3 Clara   @claralovestosew   Instagram Only
Monday 2/6 Ange   @alittlepatchwork   www.alittlepatchwork.wordpress.com
Wednesday 2/8 Erin  @whynotsewquilts   www.whynotsew.blogspot.com
Friday 2/10 Lauren   @transientart   www.transientart.com
Monday 2/13 Sedef   @downgrapevinelane   www.downgrapevinelane.com
Wednesday 2/15 Ayda   @cafenohut   www.cafenohut.blogspot.com
Friday 2/17 Renee   @sewnwithgrace   www.sewnwithgrace.com
Monday 2/20 Heather   @vintagegreyhandmade   www.vintagegreyhandmade.blogspot.com
Wednesday 2/22 Melissa   @ohhowsweetco   www.ohhowsweet.com
Friday 2/24 Greg   @greydogweoodstudio   www.greydogwoodstudio.com
Monday 2/27 Stacy   @stacyolsondesign   www.stacyolsondesign.com
Wednesday 3/1 Wynn @zakkaart   www.zakkaart.blogspot.com



There will be a Quilt Along over on Instagram (#happyflowerqal) featuring the Happy Flower Quilt Sampler (The cover sampler quilt). The quilt along will be hosted by Kristyne (@prettybyhand), Wynn (@zakkaart), and Melissa (@ohhowsweetco). It will kick off on March 6th and will run for about a year! We hope you will join in the fun.



  1. I love hand applique! It is slow but soothing. And I love the results.

  2. Minki! I SO enjoyed your blog post!!! Your creativity and ingenuity is SO inspiring! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work…along with your links to supplies, and helpful tips! I just think you are the sweetest!!!

  3. LOVE making Pinwheel Blocks! LOVE your Blog+this neat Giveaway too!

  4. I enjoy redwork embroidery. It is useful for so many things and makes wonderful gifts!

  5. Just simply stunning work, your combination of fabrics and special touches makes them sooooo sweet and extra special.
    I never get tired of any sort of hand embroidery and silk ribbon work together.

  6. this is an unbelievable cutesy post. So yummy! well, i never seem the get tired of paper piecing. Oh! so many endless possibilities!xxx

    1. I love half square triangles – they are so versatile!

  7. Que trabalhos lindos! Adorei a forma como se apaixonou pelos mundos da costura!
    Nunca, mas nunca de canso dos trabalhos de bordar e coser à mão!
    Muitos parabéns!

  8. I love making pillow covers. Never gets old as each one is so different!

  9. Beautiful projects!
    I’m never tired of quilts, Finished quilt is a joyfull reward for me!

  10. Such beautiful projects. Usually I would say quilts because I am a quilter but I also love pillowcases and pincushions are fun.

  11. My favourite sewing project is to make a needle case. They are always very different & personalised for the person I’m gifting it to. I love to use mini patchwork & embellish with simple stitches. The thing is they are always well received & treasured by the recipients which is part of the joy I have in making them.

  12. Minki, this bag is just beautiful. Your work is always perfection, with every little detail giving it such a wonderful and professional look. My new favourite project is anything that I can add a bit of sewing illustration too – your book and sew along have me hooked! I’ve just finished my pin cushions and am now going to add illustration to pouches!

  13. I loved reading about your sewing beginning! Very fun! And I would love this book. Thanks for sharing your beautiful makes.

  14. My favourite sewing project is a needle book. I gift them to friends & family that sew. I choose a fabric theme they will love & then personalise each bit. Finding what’s on the next felt page inside is fun. I usually using mini squares & quilt the external pages. I love highlighting with teeny stitches in coloured thread.

  15. This is such a beautiful bag and a lovely blog! I have only been quilting for 18 months so much of what I do is new to me. However, since I bought ‘Sew Illustrated’ I am constantly looking to see what I can illustrate next! Love it!

  16. My fav isquilts for my Grands! My girls have blessed me so far with 12 Grands so I’m still playing catch up! Lol

  17. What lovely stories and projects! Thank you for sharing:) I always like to try new projects, but the hand work is my favorite part–quilting or embroidery.

  18. Your project is exquisite, as usual. I’m so glad you walked into that quiltshop!! What I love most as raw edge applique en sewing illustration on zipper pouches and bags. They make unique gifts that can be adapter for all ages.

  19. My favorite type of project is a quilt which has some embroidery and applique on it. I want something to handsew as I love the feel of it.

    Love this new Lecien collection!

  20. My favorite projects to make that I never get tired of are quilts! From start to finish, they are the best!

  21. What a beautiful bag you made, I love every single detail. I love making pincushions.

  22. Thank you so much for this post! I loved reading about how you got started quilting…so interesting! I can’t believe you made two projects for the blog hop…you are incredible! The idea to make the bag reversible is so creative. I really loved the hand quilting as well. Thanks again for being a part of this blog hop!

  23. Wonderful projects! I love to make baby quilts! They are fun and so very cute, a project that doesn’t take too long and is easily finished.

  24. I like making totes. There are so many styles and fabric combos to try. One can never have too many totes!

  25. I love English Paper Piecing

  26. I never get tired of making anything for Christmas!

  27. Such amazing and beautiful pieces Minki! They are perfect no matter what you think!! Real treasures to love forever!!

  28. I love hand embroidery. Doesn’t take up much room and is soooo portable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. I loved reading your blog post and I too love your handles… I am going to pinch your idea My all time favorite sewing is hexagons and I love to do stitcheries too. Hugs Vicki xx

  30. I love doing hand appliqué and can spend a whole day stitching if I was able. Your sweet projects are adorable!

  31. I would say….embroidery!
    I love your work- and the little leather printed tags are lovely!

  32. I’m afraid my favorite sewing project is always the ‘next’ one. I love to design things like quilts and purses and clothing. I buy the fabric but then I see something else I’d like to try and so I’m off to another project. I love these happy fabrics and, with three granddaughters, think I could make them something sweet.

  33. I haven’t yet found a project i don’t get tired of. I like to make something new every time!

  34. Love your story Minki – and the projects of course. Absolutely adore the green cherry handles bag. The plain quilted bag really shows off the patchwork pocket to perfection. Of course I already have my book – I realised the title (Sew Flower Quilts and gifts) and cover was different over here in the UK but the contents and project photos are exactly the same.

  35. I’m loving the slow progress of my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt. A perfect mixture of hand piecing and applique.

  36. I love making zipper bags and drawstring bags…somehow I never get tired of making them!

  37. I love your bag. Hand quilting every other line is a great idea. I love to sew purses. They are my favourite thing to sew

  38. I love your post! I never tire of sewing hexagons because they remind me of how I learned to hand piece. Everyone has to start somewhere & that was my introduction into the world of Epp.

  39. I never get tired of making handkerchiefs! You can have fun embroidering your initial, making border, or other decorations and it goes quick so you can really experiment! And the results are both pretty and useful 🙂

  40. Your bag and mini quilt are exquisite! I love all of the beautiful details you have included! I never tire of making zippered pouches and mini quilts!

  41. I never tire of making half square triangles, they are the base for so many projects. I love your bag, I always enjoy seeing how people add their own style to a project.

  42. Love your My favorite sewing project that I never get tired of is making personal quilts for family members. Love your posts!!

  43. I love that you ‘changed up’ your projects. That’s really my favorite way to sew – making it my own by doing things a bit differently. Any project is fine by me as long as it has to do with fabric, thread, needles!!

  44. I so enjoyed your story! My all time favorite project is doing English paper piecing for anything I want to make from quilts to little pouches.

  45. How beautiful! I love to sew all kind of projects. I have just started my experience with patchwork and my latest was a pocket for my daughter’s calculator.

  46. Your bag turned out adorable. I love to make lap quilts and pillows with paper piecing patterns.

  47. What a beautiful story Minki and what precious memories you must have of spending that time with your sister. I never tire of making gifts for our great grandchildren, because it is a labor of love.

  48. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. I love sewing bags and pouches, with details and little things, it’s always new !

    1. Congratulations, Cecile!!
      You are the winner of Happy Flower Quilt book.
      Please email me your address.

      Hope you enjoy the book!!

      Minki xx

  49. I love applique and love your strawberries that saw on your blog yesterday. It reminds me my childhood in the garden of my grandfather. It’s a beautiful work!

  50. Oh tough question, I love to do many things such as making pillowcases, anything hand embroidery and EPP.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Your tote and mini are precious. I am loving all the cherries showing up in this blog hop. EPP hexagons are my ‘go-to’ and I will never tire of making these! Lisa in Texas

  52. Your tote and mini quilt are lovely! I never tire of making quilts for kids that I give to a charity. I love the quick finishes.

  53. Hmmm…my favorite part of quilting that I never get tired of is (if I’m being honest) the design part, before I ever pick up a needle or thread. I love to plan, dream, rearrange. I’ve “made” so many more quilts than I will ever actually construct, and even the ones I’ve never pulled fabric for have made me so happy.

  54. I never get tired of making bags and cushions. Big enough to try techniques – small enough to actually finish!

  55. Thank you for this post. I would say that pouches are my favorites to sew.

  56. I love the way you tell a story minki, it feel like i was there too. Feeling cozy.
    My all time favorite project is pincushions. I will never get tired of it. There’s always something creative to put in that small pillow.

  57. i love english paper piecing.. hexies flowers.. its so fun!

  58. I love piecing quilts from my scrap bag. Simple stitching is so peaceful.

  59. I love piecing patchwork from my scrapbag of fabrics I love. Simple stitching is so peaceful.

  60. I love making quilts for my family. The book looks really interesting and your projects are adorable. Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. I love to make things … and give them away.
    I make purses, blankets, bags, shirts…
    Than I give them away as a present, or just to make somebody happy.

  62. Your projects are lovely! The project I never tire is making baby quilts.

  63. Lovely. I never tire of piecing quilt blocks on my machine! It is so easy and I can see the beginnings of the wonderfulness to come!

  64. I never get tired of miniquilts, hand sewn

  65. I love all your projects and your quilting story. I never get tired of making scrappy quilts with lots of fabrics. Have a lovely day! Lisa

  66. I love to make a disappearing nine patch – looks different every time

  67. Somehow I constantly find myself making drawstring bags, didn’t know before that I love making them so much!

  68. Since the Splendid Sampler challenged me to try new techniques, I’ve grown very fond of needle turn appliqué. That’s why this book is on my wish list for my birthday! But if I win it, I can get more fabric, or “Sew Illustrated”, or “S is for Stitch”, which are also on my wish list!

  69. Lovely work. This looks such a pretty book. I never get tired of hand stitching and small projects – I like to have a finish occasionally – eg mini quilts, bags, pincushions. They all give me great pleasure.

  70. Your projects are beautiful. I never get tired of making patchwork quilts.

  71. The winner of Happy Flower Quilt book is
    CECILE of http://blogdececile.over-blog.com/

    Thank you so much for joining and share your thoughts with me. I truly appreciate it.
    I love you guys and I will try to have more fun giveaway!!

    Have an absolutely beautiful day every day!!

    Minki xxx

    1. Thank you ! I just saw this now, I hope it’s not too late ! Thank you again !

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