Happy Flower Quilts book reminded me of my very first trip to a local quilt shop in Korea almost 15 years ago. I was in between of jobless that time and was looking for something to kill time. As I had always wondered what’s happening behind the showwindow of that cute quilt shop, I stepped in with my sister and that changed my life. The shop was filled with all kinds of handmade beauties such as mini quilts, bear dolls, dolls, home shoes, quilts hats…and lots of cute fabrics. On the center, there was very long worktable and ladies of different ages were sitting around andRead More →

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Quilts and More Spring issue hit the news stands and my Kitchen Caddy project is inside. *photo was used with the permission from Quilts and More. Copyright Meredith Corporation 2017, all right reserved. Total 7 pages of illustrated instructions + actual size pattern will help you sew your own caddy so easy. I just got my Kitchen Caddy back  from the publisher today and my kitchen is just like this picture. (except I need to fill in with pretty kitchen tools. And oh, that hexagon tiles! I even searched up HomeDepot. ) I loved the photo so very much so I looked up the photographer’sRead More →

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I have long admired Tilda fabrics and I got lucky enough to experience them! I would like to thank to Two Green Zebras for make my wish come true. My first impression of Tilda fabric reminded me of very first day when I was given an extra expensive L’occitane hand cream, the smell and smoothness was not like other product I knew. Ever since that day, I try to buy it for Christmas gift or for someone I care.  This Tilda fabric was special like that and so well worth it. I hope my hubby read my post and treat his wife well andRead More →

When I was my girl’s age, I learned how to ride two wheel bicycle by myself; many times of falling was the key. My friend let me ride her dad’s big bicycle that’s taller than me. I learned how to get on the bicycle but didn’t learn how to get down!! After enjoying that thrilling moment; I could ride a bicycle!!, I didn’t know how to get down from that big vehicle. I drove it to the grass area and fell with a crash. Not only because of that childhood memory, I have always enjoyed drawing bicycles. My very first sewing illustration Bicycle Hoop (2014) wasRead More →

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My Valentine’s Day tags were featured in Homespun magazine February 2016. I am so happy that I can share my patterns finally. It’s available for purchase at Sewingillustration.com   This bunny is not included because it’s drawn by Claire when she was 5. She has been giving me many other bunnies but this is my favorite. Kids drawings rapidly changes and gets fancy; all of sudden every eye has long eyelashes and simple hands gets five fingers and even nails! This is not good for mama to recreate.               My dear friend Sedef made using the patternRead More →

Another rainy day! I couldn’t stop using my Stitched illustration, so I made a medium size zipper pouch. Finished size: 7″wide x 9 1/2″ long Batting: I used ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable. If you want to make a sturdy bag and pouch that holds it’s shape, I highly recommend Soft and Stable. It’s thiner than other product that makes sewing super easy. And I used Aurifil 12 weight threads for my hand embroidery for the first time and I love the results!   I attached the zipper by hand at the last step. One of my Pincushion 2017 illustrations. And I added “handmade” as anRead More →

  You can purchase my Stitched illustration here. I used Aurifil 2630 28weight thread. I didn’t make any pouch instructions. If you want to know how to make zipper pouches, check my old zipper pouch posts.       Fabrics and cotton ribbons from Dailylike Canada        Read More →

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Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities. -Michael Josephson-   When I woke up this morning I found out that there were almost 400 Pattern download registrations! I could notice the power of “FREE”. I am so excited to see all your makes and 2017 will be a new chapter for Sewing Illustration. Thank you so much for joining my Pincushion SewAlong and share your talent with us. Tonight will be sleepless, my friend.   Did you know that I used dark purple thread? TryRead More →