As the year winds down, I wanted to thank you for continuing to visit my little corner of the internet. This year was very meaningful to me.; I officially became an author and has been lucky enough to work with many talented people, awesome brands and unique fabric shops. I continue to be so, so grateful for where I am and that you do. Wherever in the world you are, may you bring in the new year safely and with joy.   My little gift to you is Sew Illustrated Pincushion SewAlong! First, go to my patternshop and get my new Pincushion2017 patternRead More →

2016. 12. 19. Monday 2016. 12. 20. Tuesday 2016. 12. 21. Wednesday 2016. 12. 22. Thursday 2016. 12. 23. Friday 2016. 12. 24. Saturday 2016. 12. 25. Sunday My 10-year-old Chloe made a canvas out of hardboard paper and wrapped with white fabric using a hot glue gun.  And painted with acrylic paint for me. This is the best gift I got on Christmas.  Read More →

Do you remember my Chubby Pouch? I thought I could make the same pouch any time so I used it for the Instagram Giveaway. Well, I haven’t made it since then and I have missed my cute pouch to be honest. It was raining for the last week and all of sudden I felt like making that chubby pouch for myself. You know, sewing is the best thing for the rainy day. This is how I made this winter version and I really think I would make more this time because it’s so cute! *wink* You can purchase my Chubby Pouch pattern at  Read More →

          Wishing you a magical Christmas and Happy New Year!! Fabric used from Ministry of Fabrics. Faces: I used brown and white acrylic paint with fine brush tip. For the cheeks, I used pink pigment stamp ink. And Sharie fine pen for freckles.  Read More →

2016. 12. 12. Monday   2016. 12. 13. Tuesday   2016. 12. 14. Wednesday   2016. 12. 15. Thursday   2016. 12. 16. Friday   2016. 12. 17. Saturday       2016. 12. 18. Sunday      Read More →

Today I share how to make this darling MINI BASKET Tutorial on Bernina’s blog, WeAllSew. We can never have enough storage and when it comes Christmas season, a handmade storage basket makes the best gift. Add personal charm with sewing machine embroidery faster than ever. I hope you enjoy making a one of a kind DIY fabric basket today. Find out easy step-by-step instructions and my hand drawn rose pattern + Enter a chance to win a autographed copy of my book(c0-authored with Kristin Esser), Sew Illustrated, 35 Charming Fabric & Thread Designs on WeAllSew.                    Read More →

Finished size: 25″ x 48″         Gossamer collection designed by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabric Lavish, designed by Katarina Rocella for Art Gallery Fabric Aurifil 12weight for outline drawing, 50weight for quilting Warm & White batting by Warm Company  Read More →

2016. 12. 5. Monday 2016. 12. 6. Tuesday 2016. 12. 7. Wednesday 2016. 12. 8. Thursday My mom has started taking a drawing class a week ago and this is her first drawing. She has no experience of learning how to draw. Can you believe it’s the result of only seven days after?! I am so proud of my mom. 2016. 12. 9. Friday 2016. 12. 10. Saturday 2016. 12. 11. Sunday  Read More →

Kristin and I was taking over C&T Publishing‘s Instagram for the last week. We tried to tell the story of sewing illustration – where it started, how to use it to preserve memories and give gifts from the heart.   I have stacks and stacks of scrapbooks that I created every month for several years. Sew illustration got its start by hand stitching my kids’ artwork on the cover of each one. One day I wondered if I could stitch an illustration with a sewing machine. With a bit of determination and a small sewing machine tucked in the corner – a signature style wasRead More →

From childhood to until not long ago, I was always the one who makes, sews, bakes and gives. When I was a first grader, every kids were competing; who gets the most Christmas cards. They simply teared off a page from the notebook, fold in a  half, wrote “Merry Christmas” and drew ugly snowmen. And they counted it as one card. As you may imagine, my Santa was carrying a bag of gifts, my reindeers were flying in the sky and my snowmen were dressed up warm and cozy. Kids all wanted to have my card and I was too busy drawing to go toRead More →

2016. 11. 28. Monday My mom sent me a box of Korean food and her food from. She spent $160 for shipping.   2016. 11. 29. Tuesday   2016. 11. 30. Wednesday   2016. 12. 1. Thursday   2016. 12. 2. Friday   2016. 12. 3. Saturday   2016. 12. 4. Sunday There is an old lady who makes this patchwork cover and sell for $10 in Korea. One of my blog friend bought 20 covers from her and sent me one. Her work made me realize how fortunate I am and decide to spend my time wisely and gratefully.    Read More →

I have always wished to take a picture of a big quilt as many other quilters do whenever I passes by this road. And today is the day I made my wish finally come true!   And you may guess, my next wish is to hang a bigger quilt as other quilters do. lol This Blithe collection designed by Katarina Roccella is perfect for winter sewing; quilts and any zakka makes.   And this time I really did my “Quilt as desired”. If you are scared of drawing roses, my tip is, to draw only two roses – one big and one smallRead More →