On Make It Yourself magazine blog today, you would find my interview. What types of crafts are your favorite? What colors can you not get enough of right now? What made/makes you so passionate about crafting? If you could craft with any person in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why? . . . . To find out my answers, visit Make It Yourself magazine blog today.    Read More →

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The Fall/Winter issue of Make It Yourself magazine just hit the news stands and my projects are featured!! Grab your copy and be prepared for Christmas.         All the images are used with permission from Make It Yourself magazine. Copy right 2016 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.    Read More →

When I first discovered Kerri’s first book “Lovely Little Patchwork” from Tuva Publishing this spring, I fell in love with her vintage-y patchwork and her raw-edge applique. So I was super excited to be part of Lovely Little Patchwork Blog Tour! It was hard to choose where to start first but my little girl wanted mama to make her this lemonade mini for her dolly play. My fabric choice was Minny Muu collection by Lecien Fabrics. I’ve saved these colorful fun fabrics for today!   In her book, she made a Lemonade Jug Rug. I enlarged the size so I can also use as a snack mat.Read More →

Welcome to my stop on Amy Sinibaldi’s Playground Showcase! Playground is Amy Sinibaldi’s latest line for Art Gallery Fabrics I had a chance to play with her latest line this spring and I have been smitten ever since. I looked forward for moment to arrive and I already knew that I would have so much fun playing with this sweet and whimsical line!   First I called my sewing friend Kristin down the street and asked if she want to play with me. Because it’s Playground where you play tag, hopscotch and sewing with your friends.   When I first saw this print, I wantedRead More →

Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine issue 38 features my Sewing Pouch and Sewing Bag. You can download the template here.       Thank you so much for joining the Sew Illustrated book giveaway. I truly appreciate every comment and sharing your thoughts and time with me. You guys are amazing friend, I wish to meet in person!! The winner is  Diane Beavers. Diane, big congratulations!!   xo MinkiRead More →

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“Want to play with Heartland collection?” I got a very sweet email from Art Gallery Fabric. I had no idea what to do with these modern and stylish fabric but I said yes, anyway.   After countless cups of coffee and chocolate covered cookies, I came up with this mini quilt idea. I wasn’t sure if I am going to the right direction since my work so far were mostly a generous amount of space for my signature sewing illustration. I hardly could squeeze in my drawing anywhere! So I finished as it is and still doubt until……   My 10 year daughter Chloe wasRead More →

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As the Sew Illustrated blog tour comes to a close, Kristin and I are still in awe of all the amazing projects that we were treated to this week. I will admit, when we started out on this adventure of writing a book about sewing illustration, we weren’t completely sure how it would be received. Since the release of Sew Illustrated and the stops on the blog tour—I am completely amazed and humbled at how beautiful all the projects are! I especially love when people take the technique and make it their own by adding their own little twists—their child’s drawings, a motif that isRead More →