2016. 5. 16. Monday “Mom, how much did you love your mom when you were 6?” “I loved my mom as much as you love me.” “I think I love you more than you did.”   2016. 5. 17. Tuesday I finally met her today. I was so surprised that she is a Korean and same age with me!   2016. 5. 18. Wednesday. The reason I take pictures is because I know I would miss every little moment when they are no longer exist.   2016. 5. 19. Thursday I received the box of step-out work for my book  from the publisher. That timeRead More →

My Just for you Pouch was featured in Sewing World magazine June issue. There is a DIGITAL version of Sewing Would magazine available here. With a confirm from the Sewing World magazine, here are more details and How-to pages. Fabric from Lecien Fabric, Retro 30’s Collection Linen from Joann Fabric store Aurifil 12wt. for both words and topstitch.        Read More →

2016. 5. 9. Monday I have been waiting for this moment so badly and sincerely for the last couple of months. I met my Bernina today. I am a Ambassador!   2016. 5. 10. Tuesday Her hair has always done and she changes nice looking shoes everyday. My Claire’s hair is often tangled and even wears mis-match socks. Good, they don’t care such things.   2016. 5. 11. Wednesday “What’s the good news?” I asked to my Claire on the way home from school. “I don’t have any bad news. That’s the good new.” She proudly answered.     2016. 5. 12. Thursday “Mom, doRead More →

I and my friend and co-author, Kristin made a video tutorial to show you how to use stamp sets for your sewing project. Transferring sewing illustration and embroidery designs is so easy using stamps. In this video I show you how to transfer the design and how to sewing illustration.    Read More →

I have designed two stamp sets for Altenew and they are finally ready to purchase tomorrow 9a.m. EST. I am so excited to see how you use them for your sewing project. BEAUTIFUL YOU I tried to design some cute embroidery patterns to help transfer designs onto fabric. These can be used to enhance whimsical cards, kitchen clothes or coasters. Draw a circle, put selected designs around it and you have easily created your own wreath!   BUNNY LOVE This stamp set is the ULTIMATE playdate, because playing is all you are doing! These series of bunnies and chicks are inspired by my 6year Claire’sRead More →

2016. 5. 2. Monday I don’t enjoy reading  fiction. But I do love to read certain author’s whole collection.   2016. 5. 3. Tuesday Sister is the best.   2016. 5. 4. Wednesday She skipped the school today and doing her homework all by herself. I am so proud of you and I miss messy and naughty you so much, Claire.   2016. 5. 5. Thursday Claire is sick in bed and this mama made a sandwich to feed myself. I wonder how could I be hungry when my own child is sick.   2016. 5. 6. Friday I bought a pack for cherries forRead More →

Pattern available at SewingIllustration.com Finished size: 10″ wide x 8″ tall x 2.5″ deep Special thanks for my great pattern testers: Veronica of Vivid Felicity Debbie of  Happy little Cottage Kristin of They grow up too fast                  Read More →

Pattern will be available TOMORROW (May 5th) at my patternshop, SewingIllustration.com. Penny Rose Fabrics, Backyard Roses collection   Aurifil 80wt.   Penny Rose Fabrics, Milk  Sugar and Flower collection binding: Lecien Fabrics                      Read More →

2016. 4. 25. Monday Kindergarten Field trip to Santa Barbara Zoo. I got to ride a yellow school bus for the first time in my life.   2016. 4. 26. Tuesday My 6year Claire often sends text message to her teacher and Mrs.R always always answers back.   2016. 4. 27. Wednesday I got a happy mail from Germany.   2016. 4. 28. Thursday Brunch with my friend and it was time well spent.   2016. 4. 29. Friday It is the hardest thing to pick a bag of candy for a 6 year old.   2016. 4. 30. Saturday Hubby spent $36 for desserts.  Read More →