finished size: 10inch x 8inch x 2inch   Sources: Outer fabric: Lecein, Flower Sugar Maison: 100%Fine Quality Cotton Oxford20 Lining fabric: Lecein, Flower Sugar lace: Simplicity thread: Aurifil, black 50weight Polymerclay Button: SUHOBI           made by SUHOBI.  these buttons are her original art work. To see more of her work, vistit her instagram                  Read More →

Sources:   Outer fabric: Lecien, Flower Sugar Maison: 100% Fine Quality Cotton Oxford 20 Lining fabric: Penny Rose Fabric,  Milk Sugar and Flower handle:,  Cotton belting in oyster rose button: thread: Aurifil, black 50weight    Read More →

Source: Lecien: Retro 30’s Child Smile   I made this needle book for my friend who always cheers me up and inspires me. I found myself trying my best and enjoyed every stitch. Making something for myself is soothing and adds another treasure to my handmade home. And spending my own time for someone special is finding myself with gratitude. I was truly greatful for what I can do and for having someone to share without any hesitation. I hope you have a Happy Father’s day and enjoy every minute of having a life time friend.                      Read More →

Sources: fabrics: Fat Quarter Shop Kraft tex (Kraft paper fabric): C&T Publishing             The original design is from my friend HANYMOM check her blog to see more or her awesome works. This is a gift from her to me that I use as crochet needle case.       Polymerclay crochet needle and flower button is made by SUHOBI visit her blog for more of her art work.        Read More →

finished size: 16inch x 13inch sources: Lecien L’s Modern basics : Lecien Fabrics Lecien Old new fabric collection 30’s natural linen: JoAnn thread: Aurifil 50weight, 40weight                        Read More →

DOWNLOAD Patterns:                     Rainy day with a sip of black coffee, I started doodle without any plan or intention. Then I picked up some fabrics from my stash basket and cut out the shapes with scissors. After many times of sewing which I truly enjoy, I got to have a new pouch. How I love this kind of day and life. I hope you are well there and have a bit of rain or shine as you wish.   Love, MinkiRead More →

  My 5 year Claire going to go to Kindergarten this fall. I made a school supply tote for her. sources: 30s mini: Penny rose fabrics Daysale: Fat quarter shop Sewing illustration thread : Aurifil 40 weight fast2fuse HEAVYWEIGHT Double-sided fusible stiff interfacing Heavey weight fusible interfacing: C&T Publishing Handles(cotton belting) : Simplicity dark brown embroidery thread: DMC red dot canvas : imported, made in Japan lemonade stand pattern image : sewingillustration                      Read More →

      sorces: 30s Mini from Penny Rose Fabrics Aurifil thread cotton lace: Simplicity button: from my daughter’s old cloth embroidery floss: DMC   I sew my 5 year Claire’s drawing with my domestic home sewing machine and Aurifil Lana(wool) thread. I think I could fake hand stichery.   Big wide pocket keeps opening so I added elastic string and a cute button which I took off from one of Gymboree’s clothes.         The original design is by Amy Sinnibaldi, <Charming Pockets>    Read More →