Finished size: 13 x 14 x 2inch ,finished handle size: 23.5inch x 2 Sewing Illustration pocket: 8.5 x 8 inch , blue binding: 8.5 x 3/8 inch You need: 100% natural Linen and Pillow ticking blue: Joann fabric store Cotton lace: Red rose button: Lining for pocket: Washaway stabilizer: C&T publication ( *I print my drawing on the washaway stabilizer and stick on the linen then sew with my sewing machine. Applique foot attached.  it makes my sewing illustration so easy! Fusible interfacing: Pellon Fusible Midweight         this button is made out of polymer clay, my artist friend, Suhobi made. To browseRead More →

Finished size: 14 x 15 x 3inch Finished handle size: 22inch  x 2 pocket size: 6 1/2 x 5inch pocket cover: 6 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch bottom: 14 x 3 1/2inch *all seams are 1/4inch you have to add.   you need: 2 linen 17 1/2 x 11 1/2 inch 2 bottom fabric 17 1/2 x 4inch 2 linining 17 1/2 x 15 1/2inch lining for pockets, pocket cover and lining 2 cotton-webbing handles (1 1/4″wide) 24inch 2oz quilt batting 17 1/2 x 11 1/2inch 2 Ultra-firm fusible interfacing (for bottom only) 17 1/2 x 4 2 buttons DMC black 3stands   Sources: Linen,Read More →

  I usually get up around 6A.M. I take a brief walk and some times take pictures of my neighborhood. Then I step into my kitchen,  bring out a toaster from the cabinet, start to boil some broth for my hubby’s Korean soup. My three girls usally like to have pancakes or omelet, waffle, bagel with cream cheese with crispy egg fries. With my Bravil blender, I make tomato juice for my hubby and I turn on my beloved Saeco espresso coffee machine. I have been using Saeco almost 10years now (I changed it once.) and always provides me the best coffee. I make a big messRead More →

  Last night I look around my table and this idea came up, “why don’t I draw my sewing supplies?” I enjoyed drawing my favourite scissors, pincusion cups, needle book my friend gave me…..and chocolates of course! Creation always requires sweets. These are pretty much I play with everyday and I realized how simple ordinary scene could be so beautiful. What is on your desk? It must be pretty for sure.           Illustratiion and sewing illustration designed by me. I hope my work inspires you today. Minki              Read More →

I made quite many coffee bags and gave them away. This morning, I just played with the linen leftover and came up with new version of coffee bag. I should make more in case I have to present somebody someday again.     Finished size: 4inch x 6inch You need: linen 8.5inch x 6.5inch, bias 1/2inch x 8.5inch, embroidery backing paper, baker’s twine 15inch, pink and brown fabric scraps. With erasable pen, draw a coffee image on linen. Cut the fabric pieces as the shape of coffee and trivet. Glue on your image. With sewing machine, sew the outline of the image or handRead More →

            I originally made this tiny bags as coffee sachet, but they are just perfect as it is. I don’t think my friend would disappoint for empty bags. Have a happy weekend!   Minki    Read More →

Do your scissors want to play hide and seek? Mine does all the time. I made this quick and simple pincushion as my scissor watcher this morning.   Since it takes only 3inch x 3inch size of fabric, I chose my favorite print which I only have so little, it takes my gut to cut it. Are you like me? Is it hard for you to cut if the fabric is no longer available or no where to find? Then let’s be friend!! LOL       How to make: *finished size: 2.5inch x 2.5inch  *Linen is from MODA Fabric, name is LINEN MOCHIRead More →

  For me, making a place mat is like a drawing. Linen is my canvas and colorful fabrics and thread are my paint. I can draw anything I imagine. And also, a place mat is like a writing a letter to me. I try to add a sweet little message so whomever use this mat would enjoy my letter during coffee break or tea time.   You had me at hello. It was such a brilliant expression. No one would get tired of hearing it or say it.     Most of my printed labels are from my family from Korea. But if youRead More →

I have a couple of bags of fabric scraps from the previous projects. They are too small to make something and too pretty to throw away. Whenever I have a time to sit down, I arrange all the little pieces as a big puzzle. I would like to share how to upcyle your tiny fabric scraps into “crazy quilt” kind all purpose mats.           I try to use neutral color lining so I can use both way depends on the ocassion.     HOW TO MAKE: You need: fusible interfacing, fabric scraps, lining Cut the fusible interfacing size of you desire.Read More →