Hello, my friend! I would like to share how to make this cute little pouch today. As it is super easy and simple, you have to be careful to stop making more and more I was like that and I don’t have anything left.  My clever idea is to hand stitch my name so I won’t be able to give anybody. lol.             You need: 2 cotton fabric pieces( 13inch x 13inch), 2 strings(18inch), 2 circle fabric(3 1/2inch wide),  buttons, embroidery thread Put right side together, sew, leave a hole. trim the edge.   Through the hole, pull insideRead More →

Block zipper pouch is one of my favorite project and I guess it’s many people’s favorite too. I see over 1200people pinned my pouch  on Pinterest. Horay! If you are not so scared of sewing a zipper, this pouch is just too cute not to make. I hope you enjoy making as I did.         Decorate with button, yoyos, doilies or felt. Anything you can find around home but it is still  just as cute as it is.   You need: linen, floral cotton, lining, fusible batting(4oz), fusible interfacing, zipper, cotton or leather label, button, felt, embroidery thread Measurement: add 1/4″seam toRead More →

        Hello, my friends all over the world! Thanks so much for the sweet comment it cheers me a lot! Sorry for not reply you  right back because I recently got so many spams. Hubby is working on to block them. Today I want to introduce you my oh-so-handy pouch. I spent good amount of time to provide you an easy and helpful tutorial. I hope you would like it. Like my other sewing goods, this pouch is so cute and practical, you would hardly stop making more and more. FYI, I made two last night and I want toRead More →

Hello, Beautiful! I proudly introduce my “Spring Pencilcase”. On the back, I wrote the message for my daughter. I hope she remember everyday how she’s loved.     Howo to make: Measurement includes the seam. all seams are 1/4inch. Finished size: 8 1/2inch x 5inch   insert label if you will. Fold out the seam and iron. Handstitch or machine sew.   Have a happy sewing!! Minki    Read More →

I once made so many of this cute little string pouch but I don’t have anything left now. I feel like making some and should not give anybody this time. *wink*   Originally I designed for this feminine use. But I used more as my little girl’s snack bag. I used to bring a bag of ice and yogurt together inside of the bag  and was waiting for my girl at the school gate.   This little pouch is so cute and so many usage, I bet you would want to make more and more. I was like that. I made about 10 of them andRead More →

  Hello, my friends, First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting me and make this place meaningful. I am sorry for not leaving even a simple line lately. I was just lazy to squeeze up words what to say. I hope you understand that there are days writing up words seems such a pain. Today I want to show my little pencil case. I always wanted to have just cute and simple pencil case that I can bring anywhere(mostly bookstore). I use a big mug as a pencil holer in my home but my favourite pen are a few. ARead More →