Hello my crafty friends. It has been a while and I missed my blog. Today I want to share my COFFEE SACHET that I often make and give as “homemade with love present.” These are easy to make and give. My girls’ school started 50 good deeds campaign this week and kids are busy making things and often steal mama’s craft drawer. “Mommy, can I have one of your card?” “Mommy, can I have this cloth bag?”….like that.  And right before my Caylin went to sleep tonight,  she told me, “Mom, I am so happy that you are my mom.” Well, I thinkRead More →

        Last night I made a couple of simple thank you cards with my sewing machine. Whenever I run out of sewing ideas or need to refresh my head, I would play with fabric scraps from my previous work. For me, those pretty colors and patterns are always inspiring. How about you? What inspire you?       I cut out fabric pieces as a cup of coffee and then chose the paper that goes well with my fabric pieces. I added a paper doily at last to give more fun.   With my sewing machine, I sew the image with paperRead More →

                    Hi, my crafty friends! I am a big fan of coasters, tea mats, dessert mats……they add  homey feeling to any ordinary tea table. Last a couple of weeks were the busiest time for me to host guests from my country, Korea. She seemed to be really enjoying different environment- a big backyard, two story house, quiet neighborhood and of course, the food. For I  was a city girl like her, I had the feeling when I came to the United States a decade ago. Now I often call myself a “country” homemaker. What sheRead More →

          This is my favorite Sewing Illustration among many works in 2014. I expect to see more artful sewing and extend my skills in this new year. What is your resolution, my crafty fellow? Whatever it is it would come out fabulous, I have a strong feeling.  Happy New Year!!   Minki  Read More →