My girls eat cafeteria lunch however, they still need to pack their snack. Kids are always busy playing during recess, so heavy snacks remain half uneaten most of the time. I made this mini snack bag for my “eat less play more” daughter. The size is approx. 9 x 5 x 2 inch that can hold one apple and two homemade cookies(one for a friend to share) and that’s all. Not only because of the size, but because of the look, mommy’s handmade snack bag was a hit! For the inside, I used some water resistant fabric, so cold yogurt or bottle ofRead More →

My first time trying the sewing illustration was to draw a house. It looked like my 4 year old Claire’s house drawing.  It was a simple little house with one window and a door but I was so thrilled at that moment. Then I tried a teacup and a teapot. After I got more skills, I was wondering why shouldn’t I write something with my sewing machine. First I wrote my girls name on linen scraps and made couple of name tags for their backpack. The picture you see is quite long sentences but I really enjoyed the process. I made 3 of “calligraphy bags” andRead More →

Today I want to share how to make this cute block zip pouch. I made 2 of them long ago and shared my idea with Korean bloggers. They loved it so much and many people still use my photo tutorial from time to time. Actually, I got this idea from a talented Korean sewer so I have to give her credit for that. I hope you will love this pouch as much as you liked my other creations . *numbers are millimeter sorce:               Thank you for visiting me today. Everyday I am so grateful for meeting you fromRead More →

  I am a self-taught sewer. My very first project was placemats.  Then I made over hundreds of mug rugs with my sewing illustration on. I still enjoy making mug rugs because it is a simple project and easy to give. Giving is the beauty of being a crafter. 🙂 These days, I am into making pouches as you can tell.  I am almost running out of zippers although my mother and sister sent me very cute ones from Korea. Does anybody know where I can get pretty zippers with a reasonable price? (please email me to  I will be thrilled if I hearRead More →

These are two yogurts my daughter got the other day. These are harder than “Activia” container. I have a feeling that I am going to be busy shopping “expensive” yogurts from now on. If you’re a crafter, organizing work station is always No.1 duty. My little container reuse idea was a success I proudly recommend. (F.Y.I.,Activia container was a bit too light and weak.) How easy is it! First, I applied a layer of gesso. Second, I colored one thin coat of white acrylic paint and then back  to washing the dishes.(To wait for the paint to dry) Then come back to color another layerRead More →

      What do you prepare when it’s your hubby’s birthday, Valentine’s day, Father’s day or Christmas? I’ve given my husband, Alex, a handmade journal , handmade doll(it looks like him) or handmade card for 10 years now. I am very grateful for him receiving the same old gift almost each year with pleasure. Isn’t he the best hubby a crafter wife can have?   I made this for his birthday couple of months before. The best part is, he really uses it. Whenever I look through his desk, I would find his journals and enjoy reading them. Don’t worry, he doesn’t writeRead More →

  Every morning I try to take a walk for at least 30minutes. This morning I had a nice walk to the local market, Vons holding my two daughters’ hands. I let them choose whatever they want. 8 year old Chloe got a chocolate muffin and 4 year old Claire just copied her sister. I got some bagels and a bag of cherries and my girls ran down to the diary section. Little one chose 4 packs of Activia yogurts and Chloe got 2 extra expensive yogurts for herself and big sis at home. After we finish the breakfast, I was busy dressing up yogurt containerRead More →

I have made so many pouches so far. The first expression when my daughter Caylin saw this pouch was, “Wow! it is the prettiest bag I’ve ever seen!”  I agree with her.  That doesn’t mean other pouches are less charming, I insist. I want to show you my other bags and ask your opinion. If you remember my “you are sew nice” card, you can draw sewing machine on your pouch too! Next steps are pretty much same as my other pouches. If you want to see more step-by-step pictures, click here.   Happy sewing! Love always, MinkiRead More →

There are certain images you never get tired of. A type writer, canvas shoes, air balloons, rain boots and cameras…… I already drew quite of many images but still enjoy creating more. Today’s model is my 8year old daughter, Chloe. I promised her that she could have mommy’s pouch. Again, my card was the inspiration(read more about camera card) for today’s sewing project. 1.finished size: 7x4inch. If you don’t have Pellon fusible bedding, use iron-adhesive. I used regular quilting bedding. 2.cut out camera shape. don’t be afraid to draw a camera. they are just couple of rectangles and circles that my 8 year old canRead More →

  I had to beg my 4 year old daughter to take this picture. To make something is quite enjoyable, yet taking pictures of my creation is rather “work” to me. After a very important mission well done, she is enjoying her lollypop now. Couple of months ago I made this card. I wanted to recreate similar image on this pouch. (read more about this card) Below is step by step pictures to help you understand how to make this “air balloon” pouch. Finished size is approx. 5 1/2inch x 7inch With sewing machine, trace air balloon and then hand stitch the clouds. (howRead More →

I love to draw with my sewing machine and I named my work, Sewing Illustration. If you are a sewer, why don’t you try to draw simple design such as a yellow boat “with a sewing machine?!?!”It is not that difficult as it seems to be, actually it is kind of addictive.Once you try, you would find yourself enjoying this new way of machine embroidery art. That was how I started in the beginning and I want to keep doing this for rest of my life.   1.Cut the fabric in 2 pieces of a long rectangular shape. (I used 3x5inch size white linen)Read More →

Yesterday we went to Jamba Juice and enjoyed their smoothies and sugar waffles. Each waffle were served in a brown bag. I liked it’s double wrapping and color. Those bags were too good to be trashed. As soon as I got home, I kept thinking what shouldl I do with this free treasures. Something free always boost your creation. 1.Gather clean brown paper bags. If you’re a home baker like me, brown bag itself is very handy when you  share oven fresh bread with your neighbor. 2.Since I didn’t have any old books to tear, I printed out my favorite essay on a plainRead More →

 There was a time when I was obsessed with making clothed dolls. I would literally stay up all night to finish a doll and feel enjoyment when my little daughter woke up and was thrilled with mommy’s just made doll  for her. But that’s an old story now. As I have three beautiful girls, whenever I make something it has to be three sets. A kind inspiration and creation easily end up rather tiring work. Today my second daughter, Chloe bagged me to make a new doll for her. I had to start doll making for I could not think of an excuse any more.Read More →

I save almost everything; fabric scraps, paper pieces, old magazines, old clothes……therefore organization is always no.1 on my to-do list. Yesterday I decided not to make anything (in other words, not to make any mess.) and start cleaning. As I wiped out my work station, I remembered these bottle stamp images I watercolored long ago. You can imagine me making this card, already forgetting about my earlier decision and make a mess again.   step1. Stamp bottle image on watercolor paper.   2.Watercolor  with a big brush using generous amount of water. Do not brush over and over. Once you color, that’s it. Don’t  tryRead More →

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