There’s something really satisfying about making your own…… anything, really!! For my daughter, Chloe’s 8th birthday party, I made party flags to decorate backyard where the table was set. I didn’t buy any balloons or flowers to decorate however, handmade party flags were a perfect and stylish decoration to go with the place.   I cut 6 muslin fabric into a triangle and added fabric scraps ,flower embellishment from Joann (recommended craft store), some yoyos that I made and buttons. It was fun to play with pretty little things. It is like a painting with no paint! Make a pattern out of A4 paper before you start. youRead More →

A couple of years ago, I started blogging on my Korean blog.  I have made so many good friends online. We just leave comments on our posts and some times we send cards.(that happens once a year.) I only know them by their names and have no clue how they look like or how they sound like. I made this simple hello card thinking of my online friends wishing someday I talk to them in person. (I am not even sure if  that would really happen.) Here are pictures how to create a polkadot telephone using color paper and metal wire.       Step.1Read More →

This is a very simple card to make that you could give to a teacher at the end of the school year. Just follow these four simple steps.       Step 1: Gather your supplies. Here is everything you need. The popsicle stick pencil could not be easier to make. Who would think to make a pencil out of a popsicle stick? Isn’t it a great idea?   Step 2. Write your message on white card stock. No need to even buy a stamp for your message. Just write it yourself and it will be uniquely yours. Step 3. Cut your popsicle stick intoRead More →

    I am having fun playing with watercolor lately. Just a simple touch of red and green watercolors on white paper gives an awesome result. I try to avoid using special stamper’s supplies, such as embossing powder, heat tool and a watermark ink pad. Instead, I borrowed a white crayon from my daughter’s pencil case. An inexpensive white crayon does all the wonder to tell you the truth.  Just sketch with the crayon and color with your brush. You don’t need to be artistic to draw a strawberry as you see the picture how I drew strawberries. I think I would stick with myRead More →

  I have been constantly thinking about ideas to create crafts without fancy supplies. Watercolor is an easy and inexpensive way to create almost any embellishments. Until the paint dries, you don’t know how the image comes out. That is the best charm of watercolor. I hope you could enjoy playing with watercolor as I did. It took me less than 30 minutes to make a unique card and it was fun.   1. Draw different size of hearts with watercolor brush. 2. Cut out hearts allow a bit of white background. prepare silver embroidery thread. 3. Adhere hearts using foam tape. 4. Stamp theRead More →